Elaine Starling

Elaine founded Promise Power because she believes that each person is endowed with a passion and a unique reason for being. As we harness that passion, we can achieve great success—however we choose to define it—and use our talent to help others find the light within themselves. Elaine was inspired to create Promise Power in 2006 when she saw the need for unique tools that help people pay attention to their dreams so they will take action that makes them come true. Her determination to inspire millions of women to fulfill their promises drives Elaine to share her experiences and learning.

With over 23 years of international advertising experience, Elaine started Starling Media Services, Inc. to support clients who need strategically integrated media and marketing plans. She brings a strong customer focus to her work and delights in engaging stakeholders to create innovative solutions that address specific challenges. Her clients range from high tech to consumer goods, video games, and business-to-business firms.

Elaine has served as President and Board Member of Women In Consulting and is actively involved in the American Marketing Association. An engaging public speaker and prolific author, Elaine has written numerous articles and is currently working on her book, Maximize Your Promise Power.

To fulfill her own promise, Elaine and her husband moved to the Sierra foothills where she hikes, cares for her vineyard and orchard, and makes wine.

For more information, please visit why5percentsucceed.com.

Entries by Elaine Starling

The Unexpected Benefits of Contributing

I’d like to encourage you to notice, acknowledge and celebrate contributions of all kinds. It’s amazing how this practice will enrich your life. Contribution is what creates relationships because it establishes a shared experience. Contribution nourishes both the giver and the receiver – a double gift that lasts forever in the heart. It’s the little things you contribute that aggregate into really BIG things. Take a smile, for example. A simple smile can quickly build into an emotion of interest, of curiosity, of excitement – that inspires a reciprocal action! A contribution can be something very simple or something profound… Read more.

Are You Aligned with God?

“I want to be closer to God. I’ve tried prayer and meditation, but I’m not hearing the answers I thought I’d hear. What have you found that works in creating a closer bond with the Divine?” ~ Judy, Tallahassee, FL Dear Judy, I believe that God is with us, inside us and around us at all times, and that God works through us to expand and grow. I use a “commitment question” to connect with the Divine. I ask myself, “How may I best embody supportive love, appreciation and gratitude in every moment?” Supportive love is unconditional. God gives you… Read more.

Does a Broken Promise Mean a Broken Relationship?

“I’m disappointed by the lack of honesty in the world today. Recently I’ve had one promise after another broken by various individuals. Does anyone value honesty any more?” ~ Stephen, San Diego, CA Dear Stephen, Feeling that others are dishonest is a sign that your expectations are not aligned. It’s important to clearly communicate what you expect to happen and what you’re willing to do to help make it happen. You have two choices: 1. You can be right. That means that the other person must be wrong if they can’t or won’t meet your preferences. Your inflexibility will drive people… Read more.

How Can I Start Something New?

“I have a dream to move to the West Coast. Every time I try to follow my dream, I hear that little voice in the back of my head telling me that I can’t achieve this, and I stop making plans. How can I overcome my fears to act?” ~ Lynn, Tampa, FL Dear Lynn, Starting something new can seem overwhelming at first. The solution is to do three things: 1. Break your dream down into baby steps. For example, your steps might include researching different cities for lifestyle options and expenses, contacting friends who have experience living in different areas,… Read more.

7 Loving Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Spouse

“I want to improve the relationship with my wife, but I don’t know where to start. We’re best friends, but I want the spark back that we had 20 years ago. Do all relationships get to this point and is it unrealistic to think that passion can last forever?” It’s time to create romance by adding more “love languages” to your relationship! There are seven ways you show love to your mate. Get playful and start using them in unexpected ways. You’ll have a ball and she’ll be swept of her feet! 1. Words of Affirmation. Tell her what you… Read more.

How Can I Move On?

“Recently I lost my wife to cancer. It’s been a month and I still cry myself to sleep every night. I don’t know how to get over this loss and get back to living. I don’t know that I can go on without him. Help!” ~ William, Green Bay, WI Dear William, Your wife would certainly want to be valued, but she would also want you to have a warm, loving, joyous life. Be kind to yourself. Focus on tiny little improvements every day. Every time you start to feel sad, focus on one of your happiest times with your… Read more.

How Can I Handle My Kids?

“My kids are driving me crazy. How can I get them to do what I want them to do, when I need them to do it?” Your kids are seeking appreciation, validation, and security, just as we all do. You get whatever you are prepared to give so get yourself into a collaborative frame of mind. 1. Identify what needs to be done. What are the responsibilities or tasks that your child must complete? Help your child understand the long term value of this project. For example, they are developing problem-solving skills, collaboration skills, research skills, computer skills, and identifying… Read more.

The Eden Experiment

A quick thought experiment… What if God didn’t banish mankind from Eden? What if God just added the complexity of choice so you could choose to realize that you are blessed and holy and an extension of God on earth – or not? If that were true, perhaps you could realize that you are perfect, designed to learn and grow, and that everything is a blessing that’s designed to enrich your life. How would this change how you experience the world? How would being blessed change how you feel? Perhaps you’d feel more confident in your ability to handle whatever… Read more.

Make Your Small Business a Success

Growing a small business can seem really scary sometimes. Yet I find that the fear is also part of the exhilaration! Personal satisfaction is created when you stand up to what scares you and do it anyway! When your WHY is big enough, nothing – absolutely NOTHING – can stop you from attaining your goal. So often it’s the easy, simple, seemingly meaningless solutions that offer the greatest impact! You face a huge problem and mistakenly imagine that only a huge solution can solve it. Not so. Simple things done consistently are what truly matter. To share an example, let… Read more.

Red Light Moments

My husband’s knuckles were white on the steering wheel as he muttered curses at yet another red light. My anxiety started to climb along with his frustration. So I decided it was time for a distraction. “Alright, I fess up,” I said. Dane raised a questioning eyebrow as he glanced at me, still grinding his teeth. “I’m in cahoots with the lights. Frankly, Darling, not to criticize, but there’s a real smoochie shortage around here so I’ve arranged for red lights as an opportunity for you to give me more smoochies.” Dane smirked and rolled his eyes. “Oh yeah?!” “You… Read more.