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Jenny Mannion is originally from NYC and now lives in Upstate NY.  In successfully eliminating her symptoms of several chronic diseases in under one month, she found her path to healing. She has since written over 200 articles on healing naturally. She works with clients as a mind/body mentor and healing practitioner using Reconnective Healing.  She also reads and clears Akashic Records for people and properties. Most recently, she has authored the book, A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life which guides readers through 30 very short and easy exercises to transform their lives.

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3 Quick Ways to Access Your Inner Guru

While I have many teachers I am grateful for and whom I have learned priceless lessons from, I know that my own inner Guru is the most powerful teacher of all. When we begin to love and trust ourselves enough to tap into our intuition and Higher Consciousness, which has access to unlimited knowledge, we can truly begin to know and trust ourselves at a much deeper level and be the most powerful and trustworthy Guru we will ever find. There are many talented teachers, and I believe even one sentence in some cases from a teacher can in fact… Read more.

Does Negative News Affect Me?

“I am so upset with all the news and violence today. I wonder if watching it created more of it? If we all watch the news and the sadness, are we in fact creating it? Is that why so many young people are killing others? They are saddened and feel no one cares and see the news of others killing themselves, so they think they should? Is media creating more sadness and violence…? Again, should I turn off my TV and not watch it, or is that a coward’s way out? I fear that all the people watching the tragedies… Read more.

How Can I Let Go of Negative Thoughts?

“I am sad about my marriage of 40 years being over. I have tried so hard to save it but we are just on different vibrations. What do I do with my negative thoughts when they come up??” ~ Kathy Rose, Los Angeles, CA Firstly, Kathy, I would ask that you be loving and kind to yourself. Coming to this realization is not an easy one and I am sure it is not a decision you have taken lightly. Forgiveness of yourself and of your spouse is helpful. Knowing that you have tried and you are both taking the best… Read more.

Accept No Limits

The greatest lesson I have learned is that we are truly unlimited beings. It seems easy to believe all that we have been told, “Life is hard”, “You have to work hard and sacrifice to get ahead”, “Life sucks then you die” but none of these hold any truth with our soul. When you connect with yourself truly and deeply, life flows and can seem magical. WE are the ones causing our own limitations. In hearing and getting to know the true us, our soul, we become limitless. Learning to love and forgive ourselves for acting from what we knew… Read more.