Jen Reich

Jennifer (Jen) Reich PhD, MA, RN, NC-BC is a poet, storyteller and nurse.

Jen is a board certified nurse coach and adjunct clinical assistant professor at The University of Arizona College of Nursing.  Jen received her PhD in Nursing from The University of Arizona in 2011.

Jen’s passion is exploring healing through poetry & story. Her dissertation topic explores the role of story in the healing and wellbeing of professional registered nurses. She is published in several journals and book chapters and is the author of three books of poetry. She blogs daily at

Jen believes that poetry and the creative arts are transformative tools for healing. She aspires to help others use their creative potential to create positive change at the local and global level.

For more information, please visit Poetry Not Poverty.

Entries by Jen Reich

Please know you’re supported, from near and from far, for you are Divine, and loved as you are.

We Love You (Poem)

On this World Suicide Prevention Day, and every day, may we send our love out to all who are hurting…   We Love You Child, I don’t know Why you experience such pain And even though I’m grown up I have no way to explain- Yet I can tell you from experience That life unfolds in stages And sometimes on our journeys We just need a few more pages- So please know you’re supported Even though you feel alone- And talk to someone that you trust Or call them on the phone- And know no matter how you feel You… Read more.

Rhyme for the Sensitive Child (Poem)

As a new school year begins, may all children be free from bullying, and know that they are love and loved~ Rhyme for the Sensitive Child   ‘Don’t take things so personal’ You hear them say But child I know You don’t see it that way- For I know that you feel Deep like the sea And when you are hurt You long to be free from this world- Yet I’m here to tell you From the wisdom of years From trying to fit in And hiding my tears- That you are so Amazing… That the gifts that you bring… Read more.

Love and Stars (Poems)

We are all written in the stars…   Love Unending   We grieve for those we’ve never met Yet still have touched our hearts For in this world of chaos We’re consoled through the arts- For art shows us in our humanness Our condition is the same As death does not discriminate By class, or faith, or fame- So let’s create with great passion The world we want to see Appreciate each other For all we came to be- And breathe our love into the world Until our final breath For love and soul complete our whole And love does… Read more.

Her Unshielding (Poem)

Be kind to you~ Her Unshielding She beat herself up From her weight to her toes From the size of her thighs To the shape of her nose- And on her walk home When she was alone She’d talk to herself In the harshest of tones- She could never enjoy All the good that she had For she spent all her thoughts On how she was bad- She woke up one day Overwhelmed with her stress And cried out for help For her life was a mess- And though it sounds strange Even hard to believe As soon as she… Read more.

The Gift of Loving Who You Are

As you are… Listen child, I’m embarrassed to say That I tried to conform Tried not to be gay- I took jobs out of fear From doubting my power- Watching the clock move From hour to hour- I held pain in my gut From hatred of self Feeling unworthy Of love or true wealth- Yet I lived to see different To embrace all of me And see the great gift In learning to be- It took me some years So I’m telling you now Your life is a gift And so make a vow… To love who you are The… Read more.