Manny Goldman

Manny Goldman is the founder and CEO of The Accelerators. In the last decade, his clients have collectively generated more than $50,000,000 in new income and have impacted more than 50,000,000 new people — more than half of these results happened within the last 2 years.

As a natural connector, collaborator and closer, Manny brings his decades of experience and extensive network of some of the world’s best vendors to help his clients 10x their reach and revenue in 2 years or less. Most recently, Manny helped one of his clients, The Truth About Cancer (TTAC), more than 10x their business in just 16 months.

As the head of the Traffic Department, Manny helped TTAC go from $2.3 million to $23+ million in sales, from 130,000 subscribers to an incredible 1.8 million while the number of paying customers skyrocketed from 25,000 to an amazing 250,000. The TTAC Facebook page of 40,000 likes shot all the way to 700,000 likes…and it’s still climbing! TTAC’s CEO has publicly stated that, “Manny is by far the best investment we’ve made and I highly recommend working with him.”

Knowing that he can create more impact with more focus, Manny is now no longer involved with day-to-day tasks for his clients. Instead, he comes in as a pay-on-performance consultant to help companies optimize, maximize and scale their influence and income.

Manny brings with him the time-tested and proven success strategies that have earned him his stellar reputation, a priceless rolodex of seasoned vendors to execute the most powerful and effective actions and an uncanny ability to negotiate creative and complex deals that result in a win-win-win for his clients, vendors and everyone else involved.

Manny’s zone of genius centers around working with purpose driven and established information marketing and product-based companies, such as supplement companies, that use direct response marketing as a means of customer acquisition. His ideal clients have generated at least $1 million dollars in revenue within the last 12 months, and have the potential for a merger or acquisition as an exit in the next 2-3 years.

Manny has been fondly nicknamed, “The Marcus Lemonis for Direct Response Companies,” by industry insiders because of his ingenious ability to walk into a business, execute a complete turnaround where needed and drive the entire company to new and greater heights.

Manny is married for nearly 10 years to his soul mate of 13 years. They have 3 beautiful children together. Originally from New York, Manny and his family now live in their dream location in Southern California.

“Work smart and play hard,” is one of Manny’s personal mottos. He enjoys going outdoors and having fun boating, jetskiing, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and off-roading with family and friends. He also loves immersing himself in personal development and many of his friends call him “the most coached man in America!”

Manny is at the top of his game but happiness and success didn’t come quick or easy…

Throughout his life, Manny gained and lost more than 500lbs, earned and spent more than $10 million dollars, and escaped bankruptcy — not once but twice — when he managed to pay off his lenders. He failed in every intimate relationship he ever had before he met his wife. He overcame more than a decade of depression and has survived several suicide attempts. In his darkest hour, a single message came through and it is wisdom that he holds close to his heart: “You just need to get up one time more than you fall.”

This belief has carried Manny through the most difficult times of his life and allowed him to rise to his highest potential. It was this belief that inspired him to make a solemn vow to himself that no one and no-thing would stop him from achieving his goals and dreams.

Today, Manny is living those dreams. He has created happiness and success for himself and his loved ones. He is a heart-centered entrepreneur who collaborates only on projects that have a positive and permanent impact on people’s lives and most importantly, he’s created the work/life balance that he always envisioned — spending more time with loved ones than he does “working” — in a beautiful, place that he can truly call home.

He couldn't have done it without his parents, loved ones and friends who have supported him and loved him through it all.

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