Rolf Kramer

Born in Germany in 1948, Rolf U. Kramer is a transpersonal psychotherapist and consciousness development trainer with 30 years of experience. He graduated in clinical psychology at the university of Munster/Germany, and also studied Roger's client-centered therapy, hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology, yoga, meditation, aikido, kinesiology. He has done a lot of travelling in the Americas, India, Australia and Asia.. Since 1985 he practices as a private practitioner in his country home in central Germany.

On the basis of his studies and insights Rolf U. Kramer has worked out a method of personality coaching and consciousness expansion which is registered under the trade name of MindWalking. Anyone can be trained in it. He has written a number of books on this, all of them in German. Yet since he is also operating abroad, and is involved with British scientific societies, his latest book, The Future is Yours!, is written in English. It deals with finding one’s vocation and acting on it to make it come true.

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The Future Is Yours!: How to Effectively Manage the Whole World, Including Life, Family, and Business, and Remain True To Yourself

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Terrifying images from the past are the reason why people are unhappy and give each other a hard time. Becoming conscious is the answer.

10 Laws of the Mind

I would share these ten laws of the mind that I have found to be true. 1. You are the maker of your fortune — and also of your misfortune. 2. Opinions, beliefs and judgements are the fence around the playing field of life. Depending on the opinions, beliefs and judgements you uphold personally, your playing field is going to be either small or large. Thus everybody writes their own life program. 3. Your opinions, beliefs and judgements are the result of your experiences, be they good or bad. Their essence is expressed as your character since by upholding certain… Read more.