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Sheevaun Moran is an transformational speaker, nutritional expert, creator of innovative energy technology for limitless thinking, she is the author to several books and over a dozen holistic healing and meditation CDs . Her articles have appeared in Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles times, Conscious Living, Alternative Medicine. Sheevaun has been featured on CBS2, KCAL9, HBTV, PBS to name a few. Her blog and radio show are not to be missed.

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Get Into the Glow From the Inside Out

By Sheevaun Moran. Have you lost the luster in your hair, the sparkle in your eyes and the verve in your step? Do you look older than you think you should? Are you overwhelmed by work, family, obligations and all you want is a permanent vacation? Is your mind too tired to think? Is your body too soft? Is your attitude dim? These are all things I was reminded of when doing a book signing the other day. I hear these very same complaints from CEOs, entrepreneurs, people wanting to change jobs or have a relationship, and clients wanting to… Read more.

Mindful Communications

By Sheevaun Moran. Most days we walk through the day without much thought about how we will communicate. We speak to our family in the same old way. Our chatter with the store clerks is fleeting. The emails we send are filled with our wants, needs, desires and demands. Where is the communication that is filled with goodness and intention? We say our intention is to communicate with love and kindness, but is that really true? If that were so true then our own inner voices would be much kinder and loving. The thought towards someone who is homeless would… Read more.

Meditation in the Least Likely Places

By Sheevaun Moran. I just read an article about how Ohio almost passed a bill in 1969 to add 2 minute meditation periods in schools. What a shame that bill didn’t pass! I’ve been teaching meditation in 2 minutes for over 15 years and am still shocked at how “dissed” and what a bad rap the word meditation gets. Meditation is already everywhere and maybe it’s time to stop thinking that meditation is weird or mind manipulation. Maybe it’s time to bring this into the light and accept what already is! Let’s talk about some meditation moments you’ve probably not thought of:… Read more.

The Difference Between Exhausted and Tired

I’ve been tired many more times than I can count in my life but I’ve only rarely been exhausted. When I’m exhausted I’m on the wrong path and beaten up, down and sideways. Depleted, drained, mentally beaten up, emotionally sucked dry are all feelings that occur when you’re doing something that is in contradiction to what you know is in your highest and best interest. The other day while teaching a class there was a woman in the audience who told us she had a broken ankle that hadn’t healed for 6 months. Now this is a very long time… Read more.

The Wake Up From The Break Up

By Sheevaun Moran. I have had many break ups in my life. My most memorable break up was when I was sixteen and I was dating a 21 year old. We were very aligned and we both knew it. He broke up with me because he somehow had a vision that I had to leave the small town I grew up in and make a difference. I was devastated and lost and yet I picked myself up and went off to Florida before college to begin my journey. My life has been an amazing journey and one that would have… Read more.

The Best Year Ever

By Sheevaun Moran. If you’re sitting at your desk or on the sofa reading this, know that having the best year ever is entirely possible. The possibility of an entire year can last far beyond the first two weeks after New Year’s but you will have to do a few things to make that happen. Most of them are as simple as brushing your teeth and done as regularly as brushing your teeth. Receive yourself the gift of knowledge that your body is giving you the signals about an issue or situation. Give what you want most – if you… Read more.

Skillfulness and Subtle Energy – How to Heal and Be Healed

Subtle energy is 95% of our world. If the healer draws on their energy field then their energy gets drained. You often see this when attending conscious type conferences and observe the aged look of many of the practitioners. The objective is to activate the spiritual cord, more so than the ordinary person, so that the energy is drawn from higher vibrational sources. The spiritual cord is developed each incarnation through right thought, right action and right speech. Meditation and having a guide are the ideal ways to develop the spiritual cord because the human tendency is to veer off… Read more.

Taming the Inner Critic: Seeing Yourself on Camera

By Sheevaun Moran. Now that social media is at a place where you’ll find yourself on camera at some point or another you want to learn to clear and resolve that inner critic about the camera. I know I certainly had to and continue to have to do this. I discovered that I have muted energy when using video and when someone is talking to me and asking questions I’m myself and animated. What is your energy like when you do use video? Worried about how you look? Afraid to speak loudly? Afraid or concerned that you’ll seem or look stupid?… Read more.

When Your Thought Energy Stops You

By Sheevaun Moran. Yesterday, I was speaking with a few clients about money issues. They were each talking about what they didn’t have and what was going wrong. Each of them was entrenched in the problem rather than the solution. Money is the energetic equivalent of flow. When you go into the place of thinking you don’t have it and it’s too hard to get it, you are building a dam. If you are positive thinker on one hand and a worrier on the other you are canceling out the positive. It takes 40 times more energy to use negative… Read more.

Taming the Inner Critic: How to Have More Energy and Time

By Sheevaun Moran. The energy of not enough time is prevalent in our western population. Every time you reinforce the thought, and energy, that you don’t have enough time the more elusive time is. You zap and suck your energy when you allow interruptions and constant bombardment. Interrupters in your day include email that automatically downloads and dings every time there’s a new one. This is a persistent guilt driven and energy draining force in your day. The same applies to texting and the need to respond immediately. Turning on the television is one of the classic interrupters and energy… Read more.

The Law of Appreciation

By Sheevaun Moran. When leaders are complimentary in their mind towards their group, staff, vendors, family, etc. then discord can be easily disintegrated. The energy of the leader at the top is the energy of all the people below. A thought of anger permeates the entire organization and is just like putting a cog in the wheel of productivity. Frustration energy is like putting battery acid on your computer. Every time you appreciate the person who works with you and for you is like putting grease in the gears. The energy of appreciation is as if you are creating the… Read more.

Is Someone Taking Your Limelight?

By Sheevaun Moran. Do you feel a small or large punch in your gut when you’ve seen someone who is doing what you want to do or someone you know who has gotten an opportunity that you want? Have you posted something in a group that you’re affiliated with and taken the initiative only to have them try to one up you? You deserve the best in every aspect of your life and now is the time to get it. How? This energy punch is a remnant from childhood and being told you did something wrong, from being let down… Read more.

The Vibrational Ladder of Purpose

By Sheevaun Moran. The most common reason women are seeking to better themselves is because they want to live “on purpose”.  Meaning they want to be in line or working to develop their purpose for being, being here and doing what they are doing. One of the reasons that people are so unhappy in their life is that they are living out of alignment with their purpose. For example, you work as an investment banker and yet you really want to be selling custom furniture where you are the designer of some pieces. This is an actual situation from a… Read more.

The 5 Mind and Energetic Mistakes That Cost You Thousands!

Our minds are the greatest tool we have and without the proper use of our mental energy, mental creativity and right mindset opportunities for mistakes arise. Those mistakes or missed opportunities lead to thousands of dollars in lost revenue and hundreds of hours of lost time. Here are the mindset mistakes we make: Allowing others to steal your vision and your energy. Being overwhelmed because too many projects press on you that all seem important. Keeping the employee or contractor that is the least productive and who takes the greatest amount of your time. Refusal to delegate. Not asking for… Read more.

How Much Is Your Energy Really Worth?

By Sheevaun Moran. As you walk through life it is often wondered how I fit in, what is my mission, what is my purpose, and how can I earn more money. These thoughts get bantered around our heads a lot. Mostly when we are feeling low, down, or just plain stuck. Being stuck is truly a sign of how little value we place on ourselves, our ideas, our options, and our abundance that we already have. Settling is just a bad habit that has been trained into our psyche and is an excuse to stay in a situation that doesn’t… Read more.

No More Procrastination

By Sheevaun Moran. One of the most energy sapping things you can do is procrastinate. But how to stop is the real issue. Here are some surefire ways to end that nagging issue of procrastinating. Past – Avoiding things works because doing something may cause fear, anxiety and make us just feel bad. Many people feel, “I’m not doing something right” or “I won’t do it right anyway” so I’ll avoid doing it at all. Solution – Anxiety is just fight or flight and fear is something I can push through and have a victory on the other side. —–… Read more.

Begin the New Year on an Energy High

Most people tend to get run down from all the holiday festivities. This time of year is when the body and mind are exhausted and ready for winter rest. Rather than tax your system even more, take this opportunity after the holiday rush to relax a bit and allow the energy that you’ve sent out to family, friends, loved ones create a tone of positive and sharing energy for the following year. Here are some tips to keep your energy high and healthy after the holiday festivities: Take daily baths with salt and a favorite essential oil (lavender, rose, or… Read more.

The Energy of Marketing

By Sheevaun Moran. Just like the energy of a stream it is difficult to quantify the power of the stream until you put something in its way. Something in the way of a stream can be a waterwheel or a dam. If you put in a dam, then you are stopping and starting the flow. If you put in a waterwheel, to handle the energy of the stream, then you’re accentuating the energy of the stream. The same energetic principles apply to marketing. Marketing is somewhat difficult to quantify but it is a basic necessity of any business. If you… Read more.

Got Sleep? If Not Then You Have to Read This

By Sheevaun Moran. For the past several months I’ve been hearing from clients that they are exhausted. They aren’t feeling like they are motivated to do anything. All they want to do is get through the day and go to bed. One of the things they say is that their brains are feeling mucky and thick. Could it be that summer had been pressing on everyone so much so that they cannot get enough rest when sleeping? Or it may be that the time change is afflicting everyone in a different way than usual. Maybe it could be that they… Read more.

Time To Clean Up

The body, brain, emotions, thoughts, and surroundings are the playground of energy in our lives. Our playground is often cluttered with non-essential toys and gadgets, words, beliefs, patterns, programs, attitudes, and is often overgrown with these weeds. Because of this, our energy playground needs to be cleared regularly, so that energy is flowing and abundant for the ultimate benefit of the human form. This playground of energy is usually only taken into consideration if or when something is breaking down or not working. By ignoring our energy until there is pain, loss, breakdown, etc., we are ignoring the fabric of… Read more.