Sheila Duncan

Sheila Duncan is the co-creator of a global children’s character by the name of Trouble the Dog. Trouble is undeniably Divinely Inspired.

Sheila’s past lives as a travel industry executive, restauranteur and life coach have all served her well on the path which is her life’s purpose … helping children in need learn about hope and resilience with the help of a little stray pup named Trouble.

Trouble and his architecturally designed Doghouse are 100% handcrafted in the USA … and his message is a simple one of hope.   Trouble is always there as a confidante for children and truly an Angel In Disguise.

To date, Trouble has helped kids through all kinds of tough times – bullying, illness, poverty, deployment and more. It’s not easy to be a kid these days.  Children hug Trouble and smile … it’s simple.   Please take a moment to watch the video below and see for yourself!

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Remember to Experience the Magic of Childhood!

In today’s busy tech oriented world, I have been fortunate to discover an incredibly simple source of inspiration… children. As a career-oriented woman, I took a pass on having my own family. Yet in the past few years and for a variety of reasons, I have had an awakening that we should all be more childlike. Children always have time to examine a new flower or exclaim over a rainbow… they also are quick with a hug… which is quite priceless when you think about it. Little kids are non-judgmental and enjoy a good belly laugh more often than not…. Read more.