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Tammy Mastroberte is the founder, publisher and editorial director of Elevated Existence Magazine, a multi-awardwinning, new age, spiritual and self-improvement publication. As an awardwinning writer, she has more than 15 years of publishing experience, and a Bachelor's Degree in English Writing. She started Elevated Existence in 2008, eight years after the sudden death of her mother, to share her passion for spiritual and self-improvement teachings with the world. Mastroberte also shares advice directly with readers through her Editor’s Advice monthly online column and in the magazine’s FREE monthly e-newsletter, as well as the newly launched YouTube channel.

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Our true nature lies within us, waiting for us to awaken to its existence. Once we wake up, it’s impossible to look at life the same way.

Today’s Brilliance from Tammy Mastroberte

Life is much more than a string of seemingly disconnected, chaotic events devoid of meaning and direction. There is a cosmic intelligence – be it God, Spirit, the universe or simply love – that connects us all, and when we tap into this brilliance available to us, a whole new world can emerge before our eyes. Each one of us is a beaming soul encased in a human body – here to learn, grow, evolve and help one another – and when the body dies, this part of us lives on. I believe we come to this physical world knowing… Read more.