Terri Levine

The best-selling author of dozens of titles, Dr. Terri Levine was named one of the top ten coaching gurus in the world by coachinggurus.net and the top female coach in the world.

She has been assisting clients worldwide for over 3 decades and helped over 5,000 business owners to stop doing business by old-fashioned advertising, sales, and marketing and transformed them into heart-centered businesses.  Her clients learn to joyfully, easily and authentically create the life of their dreams, do the work they love, love the work they do and become financially secure, too!

As a keynote speaker, Terri has inspired thousands of people through her high-content, memorable, and motivational speeches. She has been featured in the media on platforms such as: ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Fortune, Forbes, Shape, Self, and The New York Times. Her radio show Heartrepreneur® Radio is downloaded by thousands of people each month.

Terri holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, is a Master Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Coach, a Licensed Hidden Marketing Assets Consultant, is a member of the American Institute of Business Psychology, and Chief Heartrepreneur® at  www.heartrepreneur.com. Her latest book Turbocharge How To Transform Your Business as a Heartrepreneur® hit the bestseller list overnight.

For more information, please visit http://www.heartrepreneur.com and join the Heartrepreneur® community.

For more information, please visit http://www.heartrepreneur.com  .

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How To Live Each Day Fully

Every day is a present and requires you to be present. To master living an inspired life, live each day fully, because life does not contain an endless supply of days. Life is happening now in this very moment and no further days are a given. When you stop and realize that all of life fades away and your days on the planet are scarce you can remind yourself to bring in more passion in each and every moment and to live for each moment. This means live NOW in a meaningful and vivacious way. The number of days you… Read more.