Terry Tillman

Terry’s the kind of guy who spends his time climbing two kinds of mountains... the big ones that demand reliable ropes and gear, and promise a wild rush when you get to the top… and the other kind - the mountains you can't see - the ones that live inside your soul. In between treks, he teaches other people how to climb and how to know the majesty of the territory within.

At age 15, Terry was manufacturing track hurdles, with internationally famous track coach Bill Bowerman, founder of Nike. Terry was always an “A” student, and curious to learn about life. He was President of the Honor Society, quarterback on the football team, and class Vice-President.

Then, a degree in Economics and Finance from Stanford University. In the '60's, he was part of the times changing...one of the Grammy award winning New Christy Minstrels band (yep, he was their original banjo player). A sequence of business ventures over the last 30 years included membership in the Million Dollar Real Estate Sales Club, a real estate development, construction and sales firm, ownership in TV stations, a satellite cable business, and a video production company.

He now calls himself a “recovering businessman.” He turned in his Type A behavior in exchange for a life of service, spiritual development, coaching, and facilitating the growth of individuals and organizations. He developed his skills and experience as a lead trainer for Lifespring, and as Director of Training for Insight Seminars.

Today, through his 22/7 company, he conducts seminars and speaks internationally for groups of 50 – 15,000 participants, produces, designs, and facilitates leadership trainings for organizations and the general public, and coaches executives all over the world—94 countries so far. Over 200,000 people have partnered with Terry in experiential, transformational learning. Terry's mission is to support and mentor people in producing the results they want, discovering their value, and realizing their dreams.

In addition, Terry holds a Master’s Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, having been trained by John Grinder, one of the founders of NLP. He holds a private pilot's license, has been a white water rafting guide, a ski instructor, and a marathon runner. He’s a member of the Transformational Leadership Council (from which came the movie “The Secret”). He has two grown daughters, who he says are two of his best friends. He has held offices with his local Rotary Club and is active in many community and church service projects.

And he still asks, “I wonder what I’m going to do when I grow up?”

For more information, please visit 227company.com.

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