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Tracy Morrow is an NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach and author specializing in conflict resolution and helping couples and individuals reach the highest physical, mental and spiritual potentials possible. Her most recent publication, What is Spirituality, is receiving 5 Stars on Kindle and is said to be a highly recommended "Definitive Guide to Spirituality".

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How Can I Fix a Friendship?

“Will a friendship I lost a year ago have a chance to be repaired?” ~ Karin, Dresser, WI Hi Karin, I’m sorry you’ve been without your friend for a year now. Whether your relationship with him/her can be repaired or not depends on each of you and your individual wishes about this. Without having details, I can only offer some general suggestions. The first thing to do is to reach out to your friend and let him/her know how much you miss your relationship and how you would like to become friends again. It’s very important when you do this… Read more.

How Do I Know What the Right Decision Is?

“I am getting ready to move to So. Florida. I was looking into Naples, Florida. I actually always liked more vibrant urban environments, I am originally from Europe, with lots of cafes, bookstores, art galleries, live theater, close to the beaches. However, I decided I want to slow down. Naples is a beautiful place, just seasonal. However, I am getting job offers from Fort Lauderdale (I am an RN) from the hospital chain I once worked for, and by beautiful Las Olas, also opportunities for placement, etc.  It seems like Universe is pushing me to the East Coast versus I was trying to line something… Read more.

Breathe in the Brilliance of You

When I think of words of wisdom that I would like to leave to humanity, I am filled with humility. I envision my children’s faces and realize that my wisdom and my love is all that I will ultimately leave behind. So, with a deep, slow breath, I open to my highest self and reflect on what would be most important to express. Please, breathe with me while I begin. First and foremost, the highest service I can offer by sharing my wisdom is to compel deep listening to that still, small voice within. That is where the most timeless… Read more.