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Every day, we share a quote from one of our amazing Inspirational Luminaries on different inspirational topics. (We also share inspirational photo quotes every day too!) These quotes from Gail Lynne Goodwin and our Inspirational Luminaries offer insights on everything that makes up a good and inspired life!

It’s not about the money. It’s about what the money’s FOR… you giving your best to the world!
Whatever your circumstances, never underestimate your ability to impact others.
Going through life’s challenges and you don’t see a way out? Take out your life
Go! Make Something Happen.
Play a bigger game.
Now is another chance to start again, to forgive, to love, to dance and to smile.
Dream your life and live your dreams….
It is best not to know too much too soon. It is best to know only that the story continues and to follow where it takes you.
Accepting ourselves is the first step of love. Only then do we allow ourselves to shine!
Don’t live every day like it’s your last day. Just LIVE every day!

We should all help to pick up litter from the streets; however, we must never pick up rubbish from other peoples’ heads.

Belief is crucial for success, but not enough. Hard work is the fuel that powers belief.
Life is a constant series of adjustments- it flows like a river, swelling with rain and receding with drought, with its banks reshaping in time.
It’s not knowing that you can do it… it’s knowing how. The science of Consciousness is the newly discovered key. Thought manipulates reality!
There are no unsuccessful lives. Don’t measure your life by what you achieve or think you must achieve. Your being here is already the greatest gift to the world!
Creating your life on your terms is really about allowing for grace through your next transition.
To achieve your higher purpose, you don’t need a job title. You only need to be who you are: the embodiment of love. You become a living purpose, and everyday you become more authentically you.
Create consciously, love unconditionally, live joyously!
Wake up: You are the first generation in history that can shift from being the last generation in history, to being the first generation of a brand new phase in history.
It is often through the darkest experiences where we become the most enlightened. To shun these experiences is to remain foolish. To embrace them is to quickly ascend.
You are the hero you’ve been waiting for.
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