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In contrast to a normal post on, when you share a sponsored post, you will be allowed to do a soft sell of your product, service, or event, with live links off of

By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can share your product, service, or event with our global community of smart, conscious consumers interested in personal development. Your post will be shared on, through our newsletter, in our Google Play Newsstand edition, and via social media, reaching over 175,000 people.

Post Types

We offer two types of sponsored posts: sponsored blog posts and sponsored product posts. Each type of post has different length and style guidelines, so you may find that one type is better for you than the other. We encourage you to choose the type that works best for your promotional campaign.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Post Guidelines: All sponsored blog posts should be inspirational in theme, provide value to the reader, contain 300-500 words, and include a relevant photo. In other words, a sponsored blog post is similar to a normal blog post, but you can do a soft-sell in addition. We have found that this type of post is effective for tele-seminars and other events.

Required Disclosure Notice: Because of’s dedication to providing inspiration to our community with integrity, all sponsored blog posts must be labeled as such with a disclosure notice at the end of each post, e.g:

This sponsored blog post was written by Jane Anderson in support of the Meditate Your Way to Success Telesummit. The opinions and text of this post belong to Jane Anderson.

Sponsored Product Posts

Post Guidelines: All sponsored product posts should include a description of the product and contain 100-150 words. In other words, a sponsored product post is similar to short promo copy for your product, so you should be sure to include a link to purchase your product! (You do not need to include a photo of the product, but you are welcome to do so.) We have found that this type of post is effective for books and other products, especially as part of a launch campaign.

Required Disclosure Notice: Because of’s dedication to serving our community with integrity, all sponsored product posts must be labeled with a disclosure notice at the end of each post, e.g., “This post was sponsored by Jane Anderson.”

Rates and Payment Methods

We offer sponsored posts to our Luminaries at a special rate of $100 per post. If you are interested in sharing multiple posts, we also offer a pre-paid package of 10 posts within 120 days for $800.

Payment must be made in advance of publication. We currently accept payment by check, credit card, and Paypal.

Purchasing a Sponsored Post

To pay by credit card, you may do so now using the form below. We will be able to review and publish your sponsored post in the shortest amount of time with this method.

If you would prefer to pay by check or Paypal, you may also submit your sponsored post for review on using your login information. Then, email our Chief Operating Officer Kristan Sartor at with the title of your sponsored post, desired publication date, and preferred payment method. Once we have received your payment, we will reviewed and accepted your post for publication, we’ll send further information on how to submit your payment.

For More Information

For more details on sharing sponsored posts on, please contact Gail Goodwin at reserves the right to review and edit all sponsored posts prior to publication to ensure the content and links are appropriate for our community. If a sponsored post is deemed, at our discretion, to be inappropriate, it will be rejected for publication. If payment for the rejected post has already been made, a refund will be issued within a week of the rejection notice to the author.