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Our website is all about living your best life, with integrity. We feature amazing Luminaries to help us inspire the world to be a better place. Because of who you are, who we are and the intent of our site, we can keep our agreement simple. Here’s what we promise each other: (Inspire Me Today, LLC), promises to:

  • Provide exposure for your message to our community by featuring you on We’ll send your Today’s Brilliance out in our newsletter on your feature date, then keep your Brilliance and Luminary profile available on for a minimum of 90 days beginning the date of your feature. (We have no obligation to re-publish, but we do reserve the right to repeat your feature if it is loved by our community).
  • Share your biography, a link to your website, and also to up to three (3) of your products on with our community through your Luminary profile. We want to help you reach our community.
  • Share available opportunities for additional exposure (such as teleseminars or live events) and for networking, as well as news, through our Inspirational Luminary newsletter.
  • Always give you the proper credit for your work, always!

You, our Inspirational Luminary, promise to:

  • Allow us to post your bio and photo
  • Provide us with a short original quote by you
  • Craft an original and previously unpublished response to the following prompt for us to publish as your Today’s Brilliance to inspire the world:
    If I could share 500 words of wisdom to summarize what I’ve learned so far in life, these are the important things I’d want to pass along to others….
    You keep the copyright but license it to us, non-exclusively, for any of our commercial use, which may include sharing it on our site, on one or more of our partner sites, in an e-book or Best of book, on an audio CD, or more. We promise to give you credit each and every time we publish it. (We reserve the right to edit your Today’s Brilliance for length, grammar, and conformance to our guidelines.)
  • Share your feature with your community in the way or ways that work best for your community. We will provide promotional materials before your feature date that you can use to email your opt-in list, share on your social networks, and/or post on your website. If sharing your feature conflicts with a launch or other event, you promise to share your feature with your tribe on our behalf at a later date (within 30 days of your feature).
  • Opt-in to our Inspirational Luminary email list (messages sent infrequently, but as needed to keep our Luminaries informed). You may opt-out by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email we send out through the list.
  • Warrant that the work you’re giving us is your original work and doesn’t infringe on any intellectual property rights of anyone else. You know, be honest and be nice. This is easy.

In the event that you submit content for our Blog, Ask a Luminary or other services:

By submitting this content to us, you give us permission to publish it on and share it as we see fit, including through our newsletter, social media outlets and other partner sites; to edit it to meet our current formatting and content guidelines; and to send you occasional emails regarding Inspire Me Today and your posts.

In the event that we ask to interview you for Inspire Me Today and you agree:

You promise to allow us to share the interview content on and through any of our distribution channels, including our iTunes podcast. Since this is our interview, it’s a work for hire and we hold the copyright, but you’re welcome to include it on your website, non-exclusively, royalty-free, with a link back to You understand that we may use this content in a compilation audio, CD or DVD, that we sell for profit. You will not receive royalties but neither will you be charged to be included in the compilation.

That’s it! Out of respect for one another, we both agree that if we disagree on anything in the agreement or on anything related to it, we’ll arbitrate our differences in Montana under the rules of the American Arbitration Association, loser to pay winner’s legal fees. We’re all for peace on earth and minimal stress in life- starting with us.

By granting permission to to include your content as an Inspirational Luminary, you confirm your agreement with the above Terms of Service.

In the case of any previous agreement made between Inspire Me Today, LLC and you, our Inspirational Luminary, this Terms of Service agreement supersedes any and all previous agreements.
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Last Updated: January 27, 2014