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“You have made my heart smile more than you could possibly imagine. If I could only get ONE email/day – “Inspire Me Today” (IMT) is hands-down my #1 choice. As a direct result of IMT, I’m a happier, more fulfilled woman living a life that daily holds more joy, hope and love than ever!”

Karen C., Inspire Me Today Community Member

Janet Bray Attwood“Once you’ve found your passion, I can’t think of anything better to keep you on track than a healthy dose of daily inspiration. Inspire Me Today keeps you “heart centered” so that it becomes effortless for you to choose in favor of your passions!”

Janet Bray Attwood, NY Times Bestselling Author of The Passion Test and Inspirational Luminary

“Thank you so much for giving life-saving inspiration. I am grateful to all those who are connected in providing this magic. Many thanks.”

Punithkumaar S., Inspire Me Today Community Member

Krishna Pendyala“I want to thank you for the great work you folks are doing spreading cheer and wisdom on a daily basis. Every time I see someone at a social gathering, they thank me for introducing them to”

Krishna Pendyala, author of Beyond the PIG and the APE: Realizing Success and True Happiness and Inspirational Luminary

“I was moved to tears by the brilliant advice/insight of Ian Fox – I was literally choked up!! Thank you, Ian, for expressing so beautifully that which we all know in our hearts and souls, but so frivolously seem to forget 90% of the time. I have fallen off The Path so many times, but inspiration like this brings me back into line, with tears of gratitude. Thank you, Universe.”

Christine A., Inspire Me Today Community Member

Liz Strauss“InspireMeToday does just that! Gail Goodwin reaches out to head and heart. It’s a good that starts with a luminary story that makes me see again that people and stars are made of the same stuff.”

Liz Strauss, Inspirational Luminary

“I love your site so much, and I love that you were able to pass these specific Luminaries along. I have been beating myself up so much lately and these were exactly what I needed. What you guys do every single day is change people’s lives for the better, and for that you should all be thanked every single day. So thank you!”

Dave T., Inspire Me Today Community Member

Kersti Gloersen And Lennart Loov“Gail Goodwin has managed to provide the world with a tool of opportunity to support one another as humans as well as create a stage to declare our freedom of speech as spiritual beings – InspireMeToday truly is that tool and stage! We are grateful to be part of this inspirational family – a waking call!”

Kersti Gloersen & Lennart Loov, Inspirational Luminaries

“Gail, just wanted to thank you again and the others who make InspireMeToday available for the spiritually hungry such as myself. I have become a better husband, father, and friend due to the spiritual truths of which I am reminded daily at this website. … InspireMeToday gave me the confirmation I needed to say “yes, I am on the right path”. And now I don’t feel so lost! My warmest vibes to you Gail and the others who make this site possible. There is no amount of thanks that I can express which captures the awesome transformational power which InspireMeToday has brought to my life. I assure you, however, I will continue to resource this site for spiritual guidance, after which I will spread love and light and joy at every possible opportunity! Thanks for the spark!”

Michael S., Inspire Me Today Community Member

“Thanks for the uplifting site. In a day I check three times to see if I am leading the life of inspiration, if not I correct it by meditating and apologize to the person concerned. I am moving towards the Divine spiritual nature. Every inspiration is a beautiful music and I dance for the music. It is part of my life, they give me joy, unconditional love and peace. Every day there is a beautiful princess calling me to live the life of the soul with beautiful words and phrases. I think I and all the lovely people reading these inspirations are all fortunate, and we should and must encourage other unfortunate people to read these inspirational thoughts to flourish their lives. Wonderful! You are doing excellent work. Thanks a million.”

Arulampalam G., Inspire Me Today Community Member

“I want to thank you and the authors for the inspirational writing and opening them to us to learn, I always begin my day with it. You may have no idea how much of the positive energy it brings. So thank you.”

Zulina L., Inspire Me Today Community Member

“You are doing very meaningful work! Indeed, it goes well beyond “inspiration.” Bravo!”

Alex Pattakos, author of Prisoners of Our Thoughts

Becki Hawkins' Luminary Profile“Thank you again for this great opportunity to share with so many!! What a gift you are giving to all who read these inspiring messages every day!! Blessings to all of you involved in this Inspiration!!”

Becki Hawkins, Inspirational Luminary and Inspire Me Today Community Member

“Thanks also for a wonderful site – it is amazing how many times I have turned on my computer at a time when I’ve forgotten to keep my thoughts positive, and then had a wonderful reminder that I am creating my reality in this moment – this allows me to switch fairly quickly from a tired place where I might be struggling a bit, to a place where I’m grateful and re-energized. So thank you for making that possible!! And of course, the change in me then has a positive onflow to the many people I interact with in my day. So what an incredible resource you are providing.”

Madeleine L., Inspire Me Today Community Member

Kathlyn And Gay Hendricks“Gail and her team provide a steady flow of inspiration, a nutrient as important as air and water to our evolving consciousness. We appreciate the tone, quality and content of the site and are grateful that inspiration is available to people all over the world.”

Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, Inspirational Luminaries

Terry Tillman“Every once in a while an outstanding idea gets executed. Gail Goodwin has birthed one of those– This beautiful support system is a reflection of Gail’s enthusiasm, radiance and result producing expertise. Most of us say we want more joy, happiness, peace, abundance… positive things. Gail has come up with a simple, and profound, method for supporting a positive focus. And thus positive results. On the site you’ll gain daily access to some of the best minds, and hearts, in the self-development and personal growth field. Simply by visiting daily for only minutes the user gains support and inspiration from these wisdom keepers.”

Terry Tillman, Inspirational Luminary

“InspireMeToday is such a breath of fresh air! In a blogosphere often filled with subpar content, manages to stand out and shine brilliantly. It’s not just sugary words, but a matter of substance and grace. I couldn’t do without my daily dose of inspiration from this site!”

Shama H., and Inspire Me Today Community Member

“ has become more than just another website I regularly visit on a daily basis. Since starting my own business, I have realized that you definitely need a lot of motivation, inspiration and support to pull through the rough patches that may come along. puts me right back on track to success in times when I need motivation, reassurance, and the courage to follow my dreams.”

Kathy, Inspire Me Today Community Member

Chris Brogan“The efforts of Gail Goodwin and are a model for how people should deliver meaningful support to important causes. (re: IMT’s support of our troops). I look forward to seeing what delivers in the coming months and years.”

Chris Brogan, Business Technology Strategist,, and Inspirational Luminary

“I want to thank you for posting each day the inspiring messages that have truly lifted my spirits. The wisdom shared by others has wonderful meaning to me each day. I feel a sense of connection with each message and the thoughts resonate with me through out the day. I am so grateful to be a part of your community. Again, thank you very much.”

Nancy B., Inspire Me Today Community Member

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