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We hope you enjoy this guest post from Perry Hicks!

Most of what we think we need can really be resolved down to one thing: Love. Blind to the lush garden of affection all around us, too many wander alone, thirsting as if they we were in the midst of a barren desert.

Succombing to our fears, love becomes as elusive as a mirage shimmering on the horizon; a destination to be despaired of ever attaining.

The truth is that we need not trudge on through a life of emotional desolation. Love does always find a way. Furthermore, it will not come walking or running, but literally flying to any and all of us who believe.

The secret is that what comes into our lives is dependent on where we allow our hearts to dwell. Loneliness begets loneliness. Depression more still. And struggle as we might, we will not find relief in pulling up buckets of bitterness from a dark empty well.

Instead, we must only step into the sunlight and embrace the preciousness of life. Ultimately, the choice is ours.

It took my good friend Gail Goodwin to convince me this was so. My epiphany came quite literally in the form of a surprise package waiting on my doorstep. I gathered it up at the very instant she rang my phone. Together we opened it; me unwrapping as her voice reached my ear from at least a thousand miles away.

Inside the package was a large glass cube mounted diagonally on a pedestal. The cube was tinted gold with the very same coating used on space helmet face shields. Light collected within the glass is reflected about the inside.

“Look into it,” Gail said, “And you will see something beautiful.”

I peered down as she wished and what I saw was unexpected. Centered in a kalidoscopic frame deep within the cube was an image of me.

Gail primarily meant the cube to be a kind of surrogate for a trophy I had in part won but would never receive. However, her secondary purpose was to mend my aching heart and the gesture of friendship touched me deeply.

Sensing my reaction from so far away, Gail then said softly, “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

My tears brought me a turning point in that I was assured there was nothing that could preclude the blessing of love coming into my life. Indeed, it was already there. It just hadn’t been quite recognized, much less accepted.

I had just met a wonderful woman, Ann, who is now my loving wife. I had loyalty from friends that I had long discounted. As modest as it may be, materially I truly had most everything I had ever wanted. My work life had been rewarding.

In short, I stood in the nexus of so many blessings to which I had been quite blind. All that had been lacking was for me to believe in two things: I was worthy and that love would someday come.

These are consequences of what might be called the “Law of Attraction.” What we think is what we receive. Negative thinking brings us failure. Positive thinking brings us success.

In other words, we create our own reality.

As ethreal as all this might sound, there is a physical basis for it: the interconnectiveness of everthing.

Consider existance. The deeper scientists explore into the physical properties of matter the more it becomes an enigma.

Matter and energy are interchangable. One can be converted into the other but in no case can either be destroyed. The smallest sub-atomic particles have properties that suggest to our senses that they may be made up of nothing at all.

Then there are the various attractive forces associated with matter. Subatomic particles self-organize into atoms and atoms self-organize into molecules. The organization of molecules, of course, make up what we perceive as the material world and even life itself.

These attractive forces literaly reach out across the vast stretches of deep space- formerly supposed to be voids of anything- but now thought to be created by matter existing all around it.

These little understood forces are able to cause physical reactions between great celestial bodies separated by distances so vast that measurements in light-years are inadequate to express them.

In a definitive sense, no one knows where the Universe came from or where it is going. It simply exists and it is indistructible. Furthermore, there appears to be no way “out.”

As fearfully awesome as the Universe may be, we may take comfort in knowing that we are as much a part of it as anything else within it. We are made of the same stuff as the planets and the stars so the same array of forces that coelese sub-atomic particles into the great swirling galaxies, and the galaxies into an endless Universe, also act on us.

So then how can one mock the idea that our thoughts have real consequences? That the energy of our thoughts can have a direct impact on our material lives?

One cannot.

So, let your heart take flight. Soar high aloft on the wings of desire. Feel the precious touch of life in everone and everything you embrace.

But above all, love and surely love will find a way to you, too.

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  1. Just what I needed, thank you for your lovely story and reminding me what I’m part of. I have Love all around me I just need to remember to love myself!!!!

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