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The 3 Great Money Myths & Your Journey To Wealth

When was the last time you felt stressed about money? If you’re like most of us, your answer is probably…today. In fact, a recent poll by the American Psychology Association found that money issues are the #1 source of stress for most Americans. That’s why we’re excited to announce that bestselling author Lynne Twist and renowned wealth coach Tammy White are offering a brand-new free training event to teach you how to overcome your barriers to wealth and create the financial freedom you long for:

The 3 Great Money Myths & Your Journey To Wealth: An Online Training To Help You Eliminate Your Financial Stress and Put You On The Path To True Prosperity

Lynne and Tammy have helped thousands of people transform their relationship with money. In their free online training, they’ll give you the keys to create the prosperous and fulfilling life you want to be living. Register Here for the 3 Great Money Myths’ Online Training at No Charge. Inspire Me Today is proud to not only introduce you to Lynne and Tammy, but to recommend that you register for this life-changing course right now. We believe that you'll be glad you did!
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Discover the Secrets to Finding True Love

Are you ready to find your soulmate? Starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 11th, you can discover exactly how, step-by-step... and for FREE! Register now for The Secrets to Finding True Love Online Event. You’ll learn first-hand from experts like Dr. John Gray, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Helen Fisher, Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, Katherine Woodward Thomas MA, MFT, Alison Armstrong, Christian Carter and more. A taste of what you’ll discover:
  • How to identify your “love personality type” and understand how it determines who you love, as well as how you attract love to you
  • A simple, quick and effective technique for releasing past emotional trauma and blockages so you are fully available to your Soulmate
  • The secret process that turns your longing into a powerful magnetism for love
  • The do’s and don’ts of making a specific list to manifest the right person
  • The 4 most attractive qualities, and how you can authentically embody them.

To save your seat, register for free now!

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The Art of Love Series

Whether you are still looking for your beloved or want to deepen your current partnership, now there’s a one-stop resource to discover what really works in modern day relationships. Make your love life extraordinary with this FREE online event for couples & singles, The Art of Love Relationship Series, starting April 1st! Over 9 transformational days, host Arielle Ford will interview over 50 experts like John Gray, Harville Hendrix, Lisa Nichols, Katherine Woodward Thomas and more. As part of this free online training event, you'll learn the latest wisdom and relationship-building tools to ignite your passion and sustain a satisfying and healthy relationship.

Register for The Art of Love Relationship Series now!

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Successful Kids Revolution

Isn’t it time to help our kids? Starting January 20th, you’ll learn first-hand from experts like Christy Whitman, Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky, Dr. Margaret Paul, Shelly Lefkoe, Natalie Ledwell, Tori Hartman, Karen Curry, Izzy Kalman, Mike Domitrz, Sherry Gaba, Anat Baniel, Brad Yates, John Seeley and more, who will share all the tools you need to ensure success for your child at home and in our schools! It’s absolutely FREE... and it’s happening right here - on your computer. This online global event is being hosted by Inspirational Luminary Julie Kleinhans, Youth Empowerment and Education Expert. Never before has such a…

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Joyful Woman

The 3 Secrets to Living a Life Filled with Miracles

Do you believe that miracles are real? Would you like to put the possibility to the test? Marci Shimoff, the #1 NY Times best-selling author and world-renowned happiness expert, has partnered with bestselling author and success expert Debra Poneman to bring you a powerful FREE online seminar, The 3 Secrets to Living a Life Filled with Miracles.  For over 30 years, both Marci and Debra have been giving people all over the world the knowledge and tools to create powerful daily miracles. During this LIVE online seminar, they will tell you exactly how to create the miracles you'd like to manifest, so be…

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Thank You in Any Language is Good for Your Health = Global Gratitude Gathering

Each of us has 86,400 seconds of daily once in a lifetime opportunity to be thankful. Every second is precious and unique. And we only get one shot at that precise moment in time. Why not make them grateful? Gratus is the Latin root word for gratitude; meaning appreciativeness, thankfulness and gratefulness. Gratitude is positive acknowledgment for what we receive; albeit, tangible or intangible. Being gracious with our thankfulness is one way to validate the goodness in our lives. It is a profoundly simple process that allows us perspective in recognizing the source of our goodness is oftentimes derived externally…

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Your Great Work MBA

What if you could do more of the work that matters - the work you care about, the work that really makes a difference - and less of all the other stuff? You can! Join us for Your Great Work MBA virtual conference November 10 - 15, 2013! Your Great Work MBA is a worldwide FREE streaming program hosted by Inspirational Luminary Michael Bungay Stanier that brings together extraordinary experts to focus on the 25 most essential skills you need to do more Great Work. If you are excited to learn specific skills to lift your game, have more impact and do more of the stuff that really matters - you’ve found the best place to start! Hear from Brené Brown, Scott Harrison, Danielle LaPorte, Chris Brogan and many others as they share what they know best about doing great work! Sign up online here. We'll see you there!
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Sponsored: A Passionista’s Approach to Life

We all want to live a life filled with passion, right? What if YOU could live your passion and prosper within it? Wouldn't that be a wonderful way to live? Just for a moment consider approaching life from a Passionista's Perspective.... "Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping... waiting... it will stir... and open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us... guides us...passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments." - Joss Whedon Passionistas CHOOSE to discover life and live it filled with their heartfelt…

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Trying Helps, But Doing is What Matters + 5 Tips to “Do” Happiness

We've all heard it a million times: "Actions speak louder than words." Action is dynamic. It moves and morphs with life. And yet at times we fall back onto "trying" to make something happen as opposed to proactively doing something about the trying. Have you been using a lot of “couldas”,” wouldas”, “shouldas”, maybes, tries and mights lately? It’s time to ditch the conditional-speak. Thinking in this frame of mind puts us in a bind. Why try when you could simply do? Why would when you can? By allowing our lives to be framed in maybes, we’re giving away all…

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Sponsored: Love is a Power Tool + Other Fun Tips for Happier Parenting

Love can single-handedly mend a broken day, establish an exciting new relationship, or reinforce a happy, internal bond with ourselves. Love is an omnipotent tool that has the uncanny ability to improve any sticky situation we find ourselves in. Love is a power tool we should all have in our happiness toolboxes. But just like that power drill or band saw, it also comes with some safety protocol. When you use your love power tool, you take on the responsibility of treating the world with kindness, compassion and respect. Use your love power tool responsibly, forging, fixing and strengthening relationships…

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Sponsored: Strategies for the Very Serious Business of Happiness

Often, we think of our professional lives as defining of our success as a human being. This is apparent at any social gathering where what we do as a career becomes the center of conversation. Indeed, what we "do" as a profession is important to our economic sustainability. However, the real question, the one that speaks to the heart of the matter of our sustainable wellbeing is: how happy are we in what we do regardless of what our “business” might be? In my coaching practice, workshops and on Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio, I emphasize the need to show up for…

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Sponsored: Inhabiting Life + Tips for A Transformational Experience

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about this quote from poet Christian Wilman: "Let us remember... that in the end, we go to poetry for one reason, so that we might more fully inhabit our lives and the world in which we live them, and that if we more fully inhabit these things, we might be less apt to destroy both." Christian isn’t just talking about poems and prose here. What he’s trying to say is that art, creativity and things that inspire thought help us engage with our lives so that we treat our existence with more care, respect…

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Retreat in Montana with New York Times best-selling author!

How often do you hear yourself saying, "I'm not creative." Or "I'd love to write a book, but my story’s not that interesting," or "I don't have the time." The truth is: you are creative. And you do have a story that is uniquely yours. And you do have the time. You simply need to learn how to give yourself permission. You got dressed this morning. You chose a couch for your living room. You choose the words that come out of your mouth. You are a creative being by nature. And the child in you knows it well. It’s…

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Discover the Hidden Riches of Ritual

Our friend and Luminary, Chris Attwood, along with his business partner Janet Attwood, has created an opportunity for us to discover the ancient secrets of ritual- AND how shows us how it can change our lives. I just spent an hour interviewing Chris about the direct effect ritual can have on our lives, and WOW, I'm inspired. This is a program that I'll be doing and I want to invite you to join me. Chris gives so many examples of things we do everyday, and how taking that same action with conscious awareness can change and improve the success and…

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