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Mindful Leadership: Don’t Judge, Come to Understand

Gordon Dean, former head of the Atomic Energy Commission, scrawled the following quote on the back of an envelope found beside him after his death in a plane crash. Never judge people, don’t type them too quickly, but in a pinch, always assume that a man is good and that at worst he is in the gray area between good and bad. Wise words, realized only hours -- possibly moments -- before Mr. Dean tragically died. If you are reading this, then hopefully you have the luxury of more life to live -- and to learn a valuable lesson from…

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New Countertops

Creating the Masterpiece of What Might Be

For the last few months I haven’t blogged much, as I’ve been physically working at our new home in Glacier National Park. We’ve been working to complete the construction of our dream - a gorgeous home in the mountains. I take great pride in what we’re creating here... sometime a bit too much. I’m writing today to share a learning experience I had this week, from behavior that I’m not proud of. Our current project is the creation of original concrete/painted/epoxy countertops for our kitchen. I learned a lesson this week from a super sweet 11 year-old girl, named Lexi.…

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Celebrating Differences

Just a few days ago I wrote a blog called "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things". The blog included my personal favorite things as well as a list compiled from contributions from 100 friends in my social media family. This blog spurred conversation with my immediate and my extended family that brought up some very interesting stuff. My husband and I discussed this blog when he was out of town, before I posted it. It was a cold wintry day in Montana and Darryl asked me if I had the fire going. I told him that I didn't,…

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