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The Biggest Life Lesson of All- Love

Love is worth it. It's been said a million times over for good reason. The immense gravity of love and connection is the biggest life lesson of all. It doesn't need to look how anyone else says it should. It doesn't have to check all the boxes that your family, your therapist, your friends, or society have laid out for you. What matters is that the love in your life touches your heart and resonates in your soul. Lean into it and let yourself be raw - in that rawness you will stretch your boundaries and live more deeply than…

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The Circle of Love

Life is precious. Often we get distracted by day-to-day trivia - those oh-so-important must have's and must do's on our lists. But, in the end, most things and activities don't matter people do. That's what hit me - hard - as I visited my father in the ICU. In one week, he had endured two open heart surgeries - the first one planned, followed by an emergency second one to correct the first one gone bad. Magically, all trivia vanished. Priorities crystallized. The power of love and human connection reigned. It soothed, healed, and beckoned hope. It was palpable. My…

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