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Love Never Dies: The Passing of My Mother

My world changed one week ago, when my mother had a stroke. One minute she was pulling weeds in her garden and the next minute she was in a coma in the hospital, from a blood vessel that had burst in her brain. When I got the news, I flew from our home in Montana to my hometown in Pennsylvania. Even though I left as soon as possible, my mother never regained consciousness, and passed away the day after I arrived. I was blessed to spend her last night by her bedside in the hospital and talked with her most…

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Love Never Dies: An Interview with Maureen Hancock

I had a great conversation last week with my mother-in-law, which in and of itself, isn't remarkable. What's remarkable however, is the fact that she passed away more than two years ago. Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing today's Inspirational Luminary, Maureen Hancock. After an hour of questions, I thanked Maureen and our interview ended. That's when she asked me if I'd like to "speak" to anyone. To explain this in the proper context, Maureen is a spirit medium who has been communicating with dead people since she was a small child. After reading her book, The Medium…

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If You Could Know The Date of Your Death, Would You Want To Know?

When I first read Michael Bungay Stanier's Today's Brilliance, I was surprised to see the date of his death included. "September 15, 2043 is the big date", according to Michael and his statistical analysis, predicting the exact date of his death. Seeing it in writing stopped me in my tracks. If we could know the exact day of our demise... would you want to know? While it might be great for financial planning, how would knowing the date affect the quality of the days we have here to LIVE? I have friends that have gone to Nadi astrological readers in…

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Love Is the Answer

This morning I received two emails within 5 minutes of each other, from friends asking for advice on how to deal with a difficult situation. The first one wrote that her best friend's husband was dying from cancer. The second one shared that her friend's husband had been shot and killed yesterday. Both women were asking the question "How can I be there for my friend"? Who am I to give an answer to something like this? Yet they asked, and I felt a need to reach out with whatever I could. They gave me the opportunity to do what…

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