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4 Intuitive Tips for Success

I have heard the term "uncertain times" used too frequently in the last few years. When were times certain? In business and life it is always essential to be pro-active, plastic, and prepared. We should never assume that things are certain, because this will only set us up for a great fall. In business, and especially in an economic downturn, it is the intuitive company that thrives. Those actual out-of-the-box ideas thrive in unsettled times. It's not worth waiting for miracles to happen, or things to get better. You must create the future on your own terms. How to Rule…

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The Skill You Need To Stop Making Bad Decisions

Have you ever made a bad decision? Looking back, was it avoidable, if only you had sought out advice? If not, then congratulations: you are uniquely blessed. If so, then welcome to our club, a large one indeed. Avoidable bad decisions happen to everyone, and they keep happening to some. Why? Parents and teachers train us to apologize when causing harm and to give thanks when accepting help. But nobody trains young people, when they have an important decision to make, to ask themselves if they have the knowledge and experience to handle it, and if not, who does and…

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