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Issues? Never Let It Take You Down!

I truly believe that everyone has some disability and shouldn't let it get in the way of their dreams. There are disabilities that are visible and others that aren't. Because of my dystonia, I have trouble using my arms to do certain things. I can't carry some things, write or do certain sports. Sometimes I get embarrassed in school when I drop something or my arms twitch uncontrollably. My friend, Max, made me feel so much better one day when he said to me that at least I wasn't short. He said that being short isn't something you can hide…

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Today’s Brilliance from Tony Volpentest

At 15 months old, I pulled myself up and took my first steps in my family's suburban Seattle living room, walking stiff-legged across the carpeted floor. While most parents consider this a milestone of child development, for my parents this simple act was nothing short of miraculous. You see, I was born without hands and feet and I have been proving the experts wrong ever since. First walking unassisted, and eventually doing the unimaginable--becoming a world-class sprinter, winner of four gold medals and nominated to the Olympic Hall of Fame Class of 2012. My motto has always been, 'If you…

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