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A Gratitude List

I'm in a unique and special free-writing group. Our rules are quite simple. We follow Natalie Goldberg’s practice of doing timed writings. I bring in prompts, which are sentence starts like the ones in my book. One woman reads one, while another woman sets a timer. When it goes off, we go around the circle, reading what we wrote. We don’t comment. Sometimes we respond to each other’s writings during the next round of writing, offering sympathy, understanding, and occasionally offering advice, if it is requested. After eight years, I think of these women as my writing sisters. We’ve seen…

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By B. Lynn Goodwin. "Hello. I'm calling from the Starbuck's on Camino Ramon in Danville," the young manager in the green apron said into her cell. "We're currently experiencing a blackout." I’d never been in a Starbuck’s without inside light. A clerk who sounded like a high school student told me the coffee was cold. She suggested I try another Starbuck’s but I decided to wait. I liked the natural light coming through the windows, and besides, I wanted to be a part of the adventure. It’s not every day a business grinds to a halt because the power is…

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Replenishing Your Reserves By Journaling

By B. Lynn Goodwin. Do other people's needs come first? Do your resentments sometimes expand like a swollen spring river? It's a familiar predicament. The first thing you should know is that you are not alone. When I was my mother’s caregiver, I often put my personal needs on hold. I drowned my resentments in comfort foods. Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies were a favorite. I’d pull one after another out of the box and stuff them in my mouth mindlessly as I drove to the pharmacy or the post office or even the grocery store. This was not a healthy…

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Kindness- The Gift that Keeps on Giving

By Gail Lynne Goodwin. Each day, with every action or inaction, whether intentional or not, we change the world around us. With every smile or grouchy comment, we affect others and as they pass it on, we change the world around us. We’ve all heard the expression that we’re all one, and what we reap we sow, yet sometimes they sound like just expressions and we lose the meaning behind the words. But, when you go a level deeper, it’s so obvious that everything we do affects those around us. If we’re snippy to the woman at the coffee shop,…

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A Conversation With God?

About a month ago I sat in front of my laptop with some heavy thoughts on my mind. In trying to figure out a difficult situation, I gave up and just started typing the first statement below. Rarely do I get to a place where I momentarily crash, but I was tired and was venting in frustration. From there my fingers kept typing and here are the  responses that I "heard" in reply to my questions. I'm not sure this came from the Universe, God, my higher self, my imagination or whatever else. What I do know is that I…

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Share YOUR Brilliance!

For the last year we've been bringing you what we call Today's Brilliance each morning, from a different Inspirational Luminary. The time has come where we'd now like to invite YOU, our community, to submit your brilliance to be posted on What is Today's Brilliance? We believe that each person has untold brilliance within.  Our Today's Brilliance is just that- the beliefs and core principles that guide our decisions in life. I believe we have to not only know ourselves but also what we believe in before we can get anywhere in life. Otherwise, it’s like heading out on…

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