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Working for a Living

Recently whenever I talk to a client or friend about their job, I hear: I have lost the passion for my work. My co-worker undermined my project. It seems we only shuffle paper and no longer provide anything of true value. My boss took credit for my work. I have to work overtime again, without pay. There is too much work to do. I am completely overwhelmed. Once again, I had a nervous breakdown in my office. There are many reasons we feel this way. The economy tanked out in 2008 and led to layoffs but the same amount of…

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From Frustration to Fascination

Life has a way of giving us opportunities to grow, even in the midst of frustrating situations. Sometimes, no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, things just don't line up for us the way we plan. For me personally, the last six months have provided ample opportunity for frustration and growth. For nearly 2 years, my husband and I have been renting a home in Montana. In June we wrote an offer on a foreclosed home, owned by a bank. As we did our due diligence, the bank realized they didn't really own the home, due…

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How Can We Best Serve You?

Happy Tuesday from beautiful Montana. We woke this morning to a light dusting of snow that just set off the brilliance of the mountains against the dark colors of the evergreen forests. Knowing that there are times in our day when we all need a little inspiration, I'm including a photo for you taken from my office this morning. As it turns out, today was one of those days for me where I needed inspiration. I started my day dealing with a lot of financial stuff- changing accounts over from one bank to another, changing our merchant account and just…

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How Did I Let This Happen To Me?

A recent tweet lead to a conversation, which in turn showed up today as a catalyst to change my life. The tweet was from my friend Dr. Leslie Romer. Dr. Leslie is the author of a book entitled, Getting Into Your Pants (meaning your own!). I interviewed her a year ago as a Luminary for Inspire Me Her message Saturday was an innocent invitation to get together. My mind instantly went to the failure I felt for not being able to get into my pants! She's so thin and beautiful and I felt embarrassed at gaining weight since we…

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