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Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from Bejeweled

Recently, I learned yet another lesson from a game called Bejeweled 2. I blogged about this game some time ago, but find I'm compelled to write about it again. For me, this game is a form of meditation as it requires great focus. I play it in my spare time, like when I'm waiting at the dentist's office or at the airport. Some days that may be 15-20 minutes and sometimes life gets too busy and I won't play for days. However, I always come away from the experience with a lesson. So, I decided to share my Top 10 Things…

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10 Success Tips from Founder Tim Storm

Recently I had the honor of interviewing today's Inspirational Luminary, Tim Storm, creator of an on-line premier coupon site and one of the highest ranked sites on the Internet. He's a hero in his community. His employees love him. His peers honor him. And, I think I know the reason why. Tim is the Midwestern "boy-next-door", a genuine nice guy who has reached great success and yet still manages to remain incredibly modest, humble and grounded. He gives back to his community and makes a difference in the world. What I learned from Tim comes not only from his…

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