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The Beauty I See In You

I long for you to know the beauty I see in you, to know that you are enough just as you are, that you are loved beyond measure and capable of anything. I long for you to know that you are an infinite soul here simply to have the human experience, to share your gifts and find your way home to love. There is no place but right here. There is no time but right now. You chose this brave life, you are home, you have arrived. Release the striving for more, YOU are the more. Release comparing yourself with…

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Making the Most of Your Vulnerability

Nothing can ever prepare you for the shock of seeing yourself for the first time after having your breasts removed. Standing in front of the mirror slowly removing the bandages knowing that the breasts that you had for 50 years are not going to be there. And even more so you can never be prepared for having your eight year old son standing there with you, looking on with wonder. However, there he was seeing my chest with stitches going across each side where there once was a breast and nipple. And, out of the mouths of babes as they…

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Ask a Luminary

How Can I Stop Judging Myself?

"I don't know how I am ever going to do my spiritual journey when I am so stuck in judging my physical appearance." ~ Cindy, Santa Fe, NM Dear Cindy, Our bodies continue to serve us to the best of their ability, regardless of how often we have cast blame in their direction for failures in our love life, sports life and inner life. Love does not arise out of body image. But we can keep love away by continuing to deprive ourselves of self-love. It's not the size of our body parts, it’s the size of our issues that count!…

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Get Into the Glow From the Inside Out

By Sheevaun Moran. Have you lost the luster in your hair, the sparkle in your eyes and the verve in your step? Do you look older than you think you should? Are you overwhelmed by work, family, obligations and all you want is a permanent vacation? Is your mind too tired to think? Is your body too soft? Is your attitude dim? These are all things I was reminded of when doing a book signing the other day. I hear these very same complaints from CEOs, entrepreneurs, people wanting to change jobs or have a relationship, and clients wanting to…

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