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Taking Control of Your Story

None of us know when our last day in this realm here on earth will be, as each moment dies in order for the next moment to be born. Know that we are not our experiences. What happens to the physical does not need to alter the spirit, the essence of who we truly are. You are not your stories: if you don't like your history, tell yourself a new one, a more positive one. Create your story the way you want it to be. In full knowledge that I am lucky to be alive, each day is a blessing. Each…

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Insights from a Baby Boomer

As a female baby boomer, I am proud that my generation of women has made many forward strides with women’s rights and workplace equity, but there’s still so much that needs to be done. Gen Y Women – your combination of a clean slate, fresh insight on technology, and family values has the potential to change the world. It’s up to your generation now! To help you with this, I’m giving you a gift of the wisdom I’ve learned. Take Charge of Your Life Today. Do you really know what you value, what your important roles are, and what YOUR PASSION…

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