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New Countertops

Creating the Masterpiece of What Might Be

For the last few months I haven’t blogged much, as I’ve been physically working at our new home in Glacier National Park. We’ve been working to complete the construction of our dream - a gorgeous home in the mountains. I take great pride in what we’re creating here... sometime a bit too much. I’m writing today to share a learning experience I had this week, from behavior that I’m not proud of. Our current project is the creation of original concrete/painted/epoxy countertops for our kitchen. I learned a lesson this week from a super sweet 11 year-old girl, named Lexi.…

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Scars, Love, and a Bit of Pride

By B. Lynn Goodwin. I have three scars on the inside edge of my left forearm. Two look like fading purple blotches, like sun-faded paint or the ancient scrawls of a fierce toddler armed with crayons. The fierce toddler who put the pair of scars on my forearm was my sweet little Mikko McPuppers. He’s an eighteen-pound senior shih tzu. Usually he’s mellow. On the night he bit me though, he was disoriented. He didn’t know where we were going or how to get back, and I think an old fear of losing his home and family may have resurfaced.…

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10 Success Tips from Founder Tim Storm

Recently I had the honor of interviewing today's Inspirational Luminary, Tim Storm, creator of an on-line premier coupon site and one of the highest ranked sites on the Internet. He's a hero in his community. His employees love him. His peers honor him. And, I think I know the reason why. Tim is the Midwestern "boy-next-door", a genuine nice guy who has reached great success and yet still manages to remain incredibly modest, humble and grounded. He gives back to his community and makes a difference in the world. What I learned from Tim comes not only from his…

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