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Summer of 2012

By B. Lynn Goodwin. Memorial Day has come and gone. Families had picnics, went swimming, went boating, played ball, and ate too much potato salad and ice cream. Right? If that picture doesn’t match your day, you’re probably not alone. Some people had a front-row seat as the President lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Have you lost a family member in one of the wars? Do you honor him on Memorial Day or every day? Some people spent the day in a tollbooth or a ticket booth. Others stood behind the counter at 7-Eleven, or…

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Friendly Reminders from a Montana Huckleberry Patch

Living in Montana definitely has its perks- especially this time of the year- during huckleberry season. A few days ago, my son, his girlfriend and I went into the mountains of Montana in search of huckleberries. We drove for a few miles up a dusty, dirt road, then parked the car and hiked into the woods. For those not familiar with huckleberries, they grow on bushes usually not more than 18" off the ground and produce a somewhat tart berry, most closely resembling a blueberry. As usual, I couldn't help but relate this experience- in this case berry picking- to…

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2009- A Time For Giving

Happy New Year! As we enter into a brand new year, I'd like to share a short story with you in the hopes that it will remind you of what you already know. A few months ago I volunteered to help the homeless. As we were preparing goodie bags to distribute, a young homeless man walked in. He was ragged, thin, unshaven and looked like he'd had more than a few rough nights. We assumed he was here to ask for something from us. He approached our group, smiled, told us his name was Josh and asked how he could…

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