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If you know what matters to you, it will matter to everyone.
In a dissonant world, our unique music must rise above the onslaught of opposing rhythms, contrasting melodies, and clashing notes. We can only do this if we remember the power of the Voice.
We cannot become who we are truly meant to be without moving forward after a setback in life.
You will have to choose between what makes sense and what feels right. At these forks in the road, remember to listen to that voice that is uniquely yours.
LIFE” is found in helping others!
Life’s too short to live in fear or pretense.
Almost all of our problems and limitations stem from unhelpful mental programming. Before you can create the life of your dreams, you must first take back control of your mind.
In the face of adversity, you do whatever it takes to endure.
To participate in life we must experience life through our five senses. We must see the world, hear its subtle messages, smell its flavors, taste its sweetness and touch its surface.
When someone says “you can’t”, that’s the perfect opportunity to prove them wrong.
You are one of a kind and perfection all on your own. To know your sustenance is to know you are expanding now, always, in all ways, always and ever!
Every day I’m being the person my dog thinks I am.
Time is God’s most inspired gift to us, and our most precious inventory.
This is not a DO world, this is not a DOING world, this is a world of Human BEINGS and it is an I AM and I BE world.
Be a part of something bigger than yourself.
Believe in what isn’t… as if it were… until it becomes.
I once met an old woman on the street as I left early one morning from a home of someone I didn’t love. She looked at me and said ‘It doesn’t have to be this hard.’ She’s right, you know.
If you truly want to live a good, authentic and rewarding life, you have to internalize the fact that it is your daily choices that decide how your life will turn out.
Your words alone can either tear someone down in a matter of seconds or support them for a lifetime. Choose to make a difference with your words and choose your words wisely!
Free yourself by serving the world- serve the world by freeing yourself.
if you come upon challenges, focus on creating solutions to overcome them rather than being stopped in your tracks.
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