101 Ways to Experience Personal Growth

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If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others...

  • There are many forms of personal growth available to you at all times. Below is a list of 101 different ways that you can integrate it into your life right now. Whatever your experience is, there are several ways you can take your Personal Growth to the next level.

    Everything you think, feel, say and do affects you, your loved ones and the global community. The world around you will automatically transform, as you continue to positively impact your life.

    Enhance your Personal Growth today. Review this list and pick the top 3 choices to implement immediately. To see the results happen in your life, you must take action and now is the best time. Support others in your life by inspiring them to do the same.

    Please refer to this list often. Continue integrating these into your life by finishing one and starting another.

    1. Attend live events, seminars, workshops, retreats, etc
    2. Listen to live and recorded teleseminars
    3. Participate in live and recorded webinars
    4. Listen to audio programs/books on CD, MP3, on the Web, etc
    5. Read books, special reports, newsletters, blogs, magazines, and more
    6. Meditate
    7. Exercise: gym, yoga, pilates, cardio, weight training, swimming, etc
    8. Walk in nature or on the beach
    9. Hire an expert as a coach (personal, business, physical trainer, etc)
    10. Talk with a friend, loved one, colleague or a complete stranger
    11. Journal
    12. Visualize what you want
    13. Create a vision board
    14. Set and achieve goals
    15. Take action on your goals and dreams
    16. Be persistent in achieving your goals and dreams
    17. Declare affirmations, declarations and incantations
    18. Set up a mastermind group(s)
    19. Get an accountability partner(s)
    20. Get a mentor
    21. Become a mentor
    22. Coach others
    23. Teach others
    24. Write a book, poem, music, etc
    25. Draw, paint, sculpt, sing, etc
    26. Have fun
    27. Manage your time (schedule what’s important to you first)
    28. Learn from any situation in your life
    29. Take responsibility
    30. Network
    31. Spend time with empowering friends
    32. Do what you love to do – work, recreation, hobbies, etc
    33. Smile
    34. Laugh often
    35. Be optimistic
    36. Go to the chiropractor before there is problem
    37. Relax on the beach
    38. Travel
    39. Speak with an elder
    40. Spend time with babies and kids
    41. Connect with God or your Higher Power
    42. Spiritual and/or Religious rituals
    43. Focus on your breath – deep diaphragm breaths
    44. Apologize to someone
    45. Forgive yourself and others
    46. Face your fears and step out of your comfort zone
    47. Educate yourself – find programs to develop skills and experience
    48. Be happy
    49. Focus on what you want
    50. Connect and visit with loved ones
    51. Discover and live from your purpose
    52. Attitude of “Constant and Never Ending Improvement”
    53. Model others – study people who have what you want
    54. Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life
    55. Write a list of everything you are grateful for
    56. Watch inspirational movies, documentaries, etc
    57. Surf the internet for valuable information
    58. Go on a date
    59. Schedule a date night with your significant companion
    60. Study biographies of your role models
    61. Say “I Love You” to someone
    62. Have a heart to heart (deep and open) conversation with someone
    63. Get a massage
    64. Take a bath
    65. Talk with a therapist or spiritual counselor
    66. Garden
    67. Call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in sometime
    68. Create a life plan
    69. Listen to music
    70. Be spontaneous
    71. Go to the spa
    72. Feng Shui your home and office
    73. Go dancing
    74. Manage your finances
    75. Be adventurous
    76. Eat healthy
    77. Buy organic food
    78. Cook a meal
    79. Do something that brings you joy
    80. Play like you did as a child
    81. Do outdoor activities – water sports, bike riding, etc.
    82. Ask someone for advice
    83. Create a board of advisors for your life and/or business
    84. Start a business – part time or full time
    85. Pray
    86. Relax
    87. Spend an hr/day/week without distractions (cell phones, t.v., computers, etc)
    88. Just Be – be present to what is without having to do and say anything
    89. Attend a networking event
    90. Take a role model to lunch
    91. Do something new you have never done before
    92. Review circumstances from your past to discover what you’ve learned
    93. Plan a romantic trip with your intimate partner
    94. Take a drive in your car for pleasure
    95. Set boundaries in your relationships and life
    96. Tell others how you want to be treated
    97. Identify your values and beliefs
    98. Get clear on what’s important to you and take a stand for it
    99. Be in integrity and congruent with who you are
    100. Invest in your future
    101. Study history – the world and your family’s!

    Manny Goldman

    An entrepreneur, visionary and advocate for the Personal Growth industry, Manny Goldman has been transitioning and transforming his life since he was 12 years old. His passion for the industry is fueled by the amazing results he has personally experienced and the impact he has seen it have in the lives of his family, friends, community members and colleagues. Following his first exposure to Personal Growth, Manny released both weight and depression and became passionate about life. He has become an avid student of Personal Growth, attended and volunteered at more than 50 seminars, read dozens of books, and listened to countless audio programs. Today, Manny is married to his soul mate, lives in paradise (Santa Monica, CA) and is living his purpose. He is the accomplished author of the book, The Power of Personal Growth. He believes that Personal Growth can transform the world one person at a time. His vision is to raise the global awareness of the power of Personal Growth for billions of people so they can make it a way of life.

    For more information, please visit realgrowth.com.

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