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Every day, we share a quote from one of our amazing Inspirational Luminaries on different inspirational topics. (We also share inspirational photo quotes every day too!) These quotes from Gail Lynne Goodwin and our Inspirational Luminaries offer insights on everything that makes up a good and inspired life!

Follow your passions. They know the way.
The purpose of today is to create great memories for tomorrow, for ourselves and for others. Everyday spent doing that doubles the value of our lives.
Silence brings peacefulness through which I hear my wisest voice. It helps me remember I am more than my analytical left brain and the doing nature of my conscious mind. I remember that I don’t have to DO anything at all to experience Peace, Love, Joy and Freedom. I can simply be still and know that I am already those things.
Sometimes you just have to jump into things instead of dwelling or meditating on them for days on end, because hesitation may result in a missed once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Your success is seen and is already being experienced on a higher level. All you need to do is feel good to line up with it.
Deep in our core lives the magnificent wild human-animal, passionately yearning for a relationship with the living Earth.
We live life, once. Never ever simply ‘get used’ to the fact that you are alive.
You are magnificently unique. In fact, it is your uniqueness that makes you so magnificent!
Growing up should be fun and not be hard work, so I challenge everyone who reads this to pick something fun and do it everyday.
The main thing is to be alive, to welcome whatever comes and bring compassion and soulfulness into our every encounter.
The defining point of who we are is the moment we decide how to view our experience.
Every man, woman and child was born for a divine purpose.
Our noblest act is to practice unconditional love, especially with ourselves. It’s the soil of our goodness. We may feel afraid or unworthy, we may think, ‘I couldn’t possibly love that part of myself.’ I assure you: the heart is big enough.
Stop being a victim and be somebody who can make a difference. Take all your hurts and disappointments and transform them into positive energy to share with the world!
Terrifying images from the past are the reason why people are unhappy and give each other a hard time. Becoming conscious is the answer.
It is not the length of your experience that qualifies you – it’s the depth of it!
The bonds of love cannot be broken by a temporary physical separation.
Imagine if true love & empathy were at the core of our world!
Believe in yourself and watch the miracle unfold!
Love is the glue that holds the universe together. Through the power of love, we come home to ourselves. We are made whole.
We are all artists, all healers- all of us can speak to spirit and listen to spirit animals, angels, spirit guides and ancestors.
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