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Watch What You Ask For… You Might Just Get It!

Wooohooooo!!!!! This past week, one of my wishes came true. Six years ago my daughter and I walked into the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville to hear four songwriters perform. The place was jammed and the only two seats were stools at the bar. Grateful, we sat and listened to the music. Within minutes I was captivated. One of the songwriters, Josh, played a song, Forever Valentine. The song was about a 50ish year-old woman looking back at her life, knowing that we can’t live forever. I was so moved not only by this handsome young guy, his incredible musical talent,… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Greg Habstritt

A Votre Sante (To Your Health!)

(The past week has been very difficult as you may have guessed from my silence. The longer I waited to write, the worse the procrastination became. Please accept my apologies in advance for the tardiness of this post.) In the last blog post I wrote about the diet I was undertaking and how I needed to see some tangible results if that specific plan would work for me long term. I’ve been silent for two reasons. Perhaps I shared my original “solution” prematurely, as what I was doing wasn’t working for me. The last thing I want to do is… Read more.

The Balance of the Scales- Day 6 update (for Friday)

One of the themes in my life is definitely balance. As you know, this past week I’ve begun the process to release some extra weight. I’m not a patient person and I want it gone now. Don’t you just love arguing with reality? I don’t usually get great results when I do that. Anyway, I followed a very strict program for the last week and it’s not fun. I know, it’s not “supposed” to be fun, but I guess I look at it this way. In my mind, there are three main indicators that what I’m doing is working- 1)… Read more.

Changing Habits- Update on Day Five

Have you ever had a day when you had to drag yourself out of bed?  That was my morning yesterday. I just couldn’t get my body moving. Koda and I even delayed our walk until mid morning, because I had little energy. It seems my body was trying to tell me something. I know I’m making changes. We are such habitual creatures. Over these 21 days I know that I’m creating new habits with a new eating and exercise plan and that changes in how I feel are to be expected. I just want them to be positive changes! The… Read more.

When We Admit Something To Ourselves (We’re usually the last to know!)

Day Four was so much better than Day Three! After a sleepy late start, I missed exercise yesterday in the morning, because of pre-scheduled appointments. I broke my own rule and jumped right out of bed and into work without taking the time for me. Sometimes when there are too many things on our plate, it’s difficult to schedule time for us. In spite of missing my walk, the day evolved into a very productive one. I had good energy all day and wasn’t hungry or grumpy. Most importantly, whatever was going on the day before seems to have gone… Read more.

Where’s This Coming From?- Day Three Update

In case you wondered, on occasion, I too have days that are less than perfect, and today was one of them. Instead of bouncing out of bed to go for an early walk, I wanted to just roll over and go back to sleep. I was up far too late last night talking with friends on Twitter and writing yesterday’s blog. Yeah, I know, my choice. That’s exactly what I thought this morning too, so I dragged my butt out of bed and took Koda for a long walk. The walk was great and I had plenty of energy. I… Read more.

Thanks for Your Support (Day Two Update)

I believe my blog yesterday resonated with quite a few people. Between the email, the tweets, the calls and the comments, it seems I’m not the only one dealing with this issue. To all who reached out with love and support, thank you! I really want you to know how much it means to me. Now, let me give you the update on Day Two…. I woke up full of energy and took Koda (our 1-1/2 year old Samoyed pup) for a 1-1/2 hour hike in the mountains.  It was just beautiful! (Yep, that’s a photo of where we were,… Read more.

How Did I Let This Happen To Me?

A recent tweet lead to a conversation, which in turn showed up today as a catalyst to change my life. The tweet was from my friend Dr. Leslie Romer. Dr. Leslie is the author of a book entitled, Getting Into Your Pants (meaning your own!). I interviewed her a year ago as a Luminary for Inspire Me Her message Saturday was an innocent invitation to get together. My mind instantly went to the failure I felt for not being able to get into my pants! She’s so thin and beautiful and I felt embarrassed at gaining weight since we… Read more.

Inspired Interview: Richard Moss

The Answers You’re Looking For Are Inside of You!

Something seems to be going on right now that is affecting a lot of people. Maybe it’s because of the upcoming full moon, or maybe it’s the state of the world right now. This past week I’ve been contacted by more than a handful of people, all looking for help in finding answers for challenging situations in their lives. What I found to be the most interesting thing was that as I mentored them through the process, several of them said, “I know this, but I’ve forgotten”. It seems like when we get too stressed, instead of taking the time… Read more.

Just When You Are Planning To Do Something Else…

We live our lives each day, dreaming, planning, and making choices about the future with a clear idea about the direction our lives are headed. As an accomplished equestrian, I had dreams of a European tour and world titles after finishing school. I had a boyfriend, a full social calendar with many friends then, one momentary action changed everything. November 17th 1992 started like any other day: school, errands, plans for the weekend. What I wasn’t aware of was that it would be the last day of my old life. 2pm: While driving home to change clothes, I skidded on… Read more.

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