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Below are some frequently asked questions about being an Inspirational Luminary on If you would like more information or have a question that isn’t answered below, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Why is the submission process separated into two steps?

We found that most of our luminaries had to revise their Brilliance before it was approved when we used a single-step submission process, because they weren’t paying attention to our guidelines for the inspirational essay. To give you a better chance of approval without having to revise, we separated the submission into two steps. (And just to make it clear: PLEASE read the guidelines sent to you, review the example we provide, and remember to address our prompt! It will save you time and energy, so do it before you start writing!)

What type of photo should I submit? Can I use a candid shot of me on the beach/with friends/etc.?

You should submit a professional-looking headshot-style photo, of at least 450×450 pixels, with just you in the picture. This is an opportunity for you to not only share your wisdom, but also increase brand awareness for you and your work. A candid shot in front of a busy background with poor lighting will not give a good impression.

Most modern cameras (even an iPhone) are capable of producing a quality, professional-looking image if you are unable to hire a professional photographer, but some care is needed in choosing your appearance, the framing, the background, and the lighting.

A word of advice: if you are trying to make your living as an authority of some type (like an author or coach), a good photo impresses and enhances your credibility. For further reading on this subject, we recommend How Important is a Great Author Photo? by Doris-Maria Heilmann, Debut Author lessons: The author photo by Mary Robinette Kowal, and Tips for a Great Headshot by Tara Butler.

Can I use an excerpt from my book for my Brilliance?

No. We require an original and unpublished thoughtful response to our prompt, as noted in our Terms of Service. Remember, you only have 500 words, so you really have to distill your thoughts. An excerpt just doesn’t address this requirement.

Can I submit a previously-written guest blog post for my Brilliance?

No. We require an original and unpublished thoughtful response to our prompt, as noted in our Terms of Service. We are happy to share inspirational blog posts from you once you have responded to our prompt; you will be able to simply login and submit posts at your convenience.

May I share my religious beliefs in my Brilliance?

We’re looking to share what you believe to be true, from that deeper part of yourself. However, because of our global, diverse audience, we ask that your response be non-denominational and non-sectarian. Focus on the 90% we all agree on, regardless of what path someone may be walking. Our Brilliance is not meant to convert someone to your way of thinking, or your religion, or infer that there is only one way, but instead share the essence of your wisdom from your experiences.

What happens if my Brilliance doesn’t meet your guidelines?

Not all of our many submissions are a good fit for our community and mission. If our editorial team finds that your Brilliance doesn’t meet our guidelines, including length, we may ask you to revise or suggest that you seek other publication opportunities elsewhere.

Does feature audio interviews? How are Luminaries chosen to be interviewed?

We feature an audio interview between our founder Gail Lynne Goodwin and one of our Inspirational Luminaries every Monday, in conjunction with the feature of the Luminary’s Brilliance. We limit the publication of interviews to just one a week because our community has made it very clear that more than one is too much for them; therefore we only interview a fraction of our Luminaries. We choose to interview Luminaries whose Brilliance resonates very strongly with us or with our community. The best strategy for securing an interview is to write a fantastic Brilliance, then support your feature by encouraging your community to visit and by responding to any comments.

How can I share my new book or product with your community?

We offer sponsored product posts so that you can share your book or product with our community. These posts can be scheduled to coincide with your feature date or with a separate launch date if you would like. Please get in touch with us if you are interested.

How will I be compensated for my work?

We compensate our Luminaries by promoting their work to a large global community. Although we do not provide monetary compensation, we also do not charge our Luminaries for the extensive exposure we provide to them.

Are there different types of Inspirational Luminaries?

We do not have different types of Inspirational Luminaries – if you are a Luminary, you are a Luminary, which means you get all the privileges and rights discussed in our Terms of Service. However, we do have additional opportunities for Luminaries, such as interviews, blogging, or a feature on Care2, that we are unable to provide to all Luminaries because of limited availability. These opportunities are announced as they become available, and are typically provided based on expressed interest, ability to meet requirements, and our discretion.

What other opportunities are there to be promoted with

We have two recurring opportunities. First, we offer guest blogging on our blog, which shares content of the more traditional blog post style with our community and provides another platform for Luminaries to promote their brand. If you are interested in becoming a blogger for Inspire Me Today, please let us know and we will send more information.

Second, we provide a feature on Care2 to about 20% of our Luminaries. These features share the Luminary’s wisdom with Care2’s community of 20,000,000+. Care2 features are provided to those Luminaries whose features on Inspire Me Today generate the most community support, as measured by traffic, comments, and other types of positive communication from the community.

After my feature date, how will the community find me among other Luminaries?

Your profile will be displayed at random on our homepage, while your Brilliance and any other articles will be displayed in our chronological and topical archives and through our search. Visitors will also be able to find you and your articles by browsing our alphabetical list of Luminaries or by searching for your name.

Once I am featured, how does continue to support my writing and endeavors?

In addition to retaining your Brilliance in our archives, we are usually happy to share information about new releases/launches with our community through social media and other outlets. We will also consider you for a new feature every 12 months or so, with all the support and promotion that a feature entails. If you are interested in being re-featured at a certain time, we recommend you get in touch at least a month or two in advance.

Does work with organizations to whom you could refer Luminaries for other work in their field of expertise?

We have connections with various organizations and individuals to whom we occasionally refer Luminaries, depending on what the organization and the Luminary are interested in. If there is a specific opportunity or type of opportunity you are interested in, please let us know.

Is associated with a Speakers Bureau?

We are not.

What are’s future objectives for supporting Luminaries?

We plan to provide more networking and seminar opportunities for our Luminaries.

I have another question.

Please feel free to get in touch with us. We want to make this as easy and fun for you as possible!