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“I have been having a difficult time lately with staying positive. It seems as if there is so much going on that it’s difficult to try and stay positive. I used to be happier… How can I get through the day being positive?”Julie

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your question, I get this one a lot and I want you to know that even “Mr. Positive” isn’t able to “Stay Positive” all the time!

Even though your life is very busy here are three things you can do in ten minutes or less to immediately to shift your attitude when you are not feeling positive.

1) Play your theme song and dance! (Yes find a song or two that always makes you want to dance and I want you to move your body while you play them!) The word “emotion” has “motion” in it and it’s important to move your body and feel good. If you can’t dance imagine yourself dancing or just skip for a few minutes, it is impossible to skip and feel anything but happy.

2) Write down on paper 3-5 things that make you smile inside. Things that when you think of them just make you feel good.

3) Smile – science has proven even “faking” a smile fires off the neurological chemicals in your brain that make you feel better

Finally, recognize that your emotions are like waves they will rise and fall throughout the day, I want you to be like a surfer and ride the good waves and just let the others pass on through don’t get attached to them, allow them to flow and go.

I want you to start noticing what you are doing when you feel positive and happy and do more of that…and notice the things that are causing you stress and do less of them.

My favorite affirmation is “This too shall pass” – cut yourself some slack, try not to take life too seriously and even if you have negative thoughts – let them go. What’s important is not the thoughts you have but the thoughts you dwell on.


Dave Boufford
“Mr. Positive”

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Statistically speaking, I have no business being featured as a luminary. You see, I'm a high school drop-out with a delinquent childhood who came from a broken home, had low self esteem, hung out with the wrong crowd, made incredibly poor decisions, at best right now I should only be earning around $20,000 a year.

The biggest surprise of my life is that each day somewhere in the world someone is being inspired by one of my emails. I'm grateful that I spend my days doing something I love, in an industry I love and credit with saving my life.

Even as a kid, it seemed my tendency was to defy the odds, and that my path to success was meant to follow the road less traveled. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Today, I'm known throughout the world as "Mr. Positive." Co-founder of and publisher of the acclaimed e-zine, "Motivation in a Minute," I've reached millions of people online in over 150 countries with inspirational movies, positive stories and motivational quotes.

My greatest accomplishment is that I pursued my dreams and followed my inner compass that always pointed me back to one thing and one thing only - to help people grow.

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