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Hi, my name is Aida Rojas and I like to say that I am an old soul with a digital mind. I live in Dallas, TX and I am a digital marketing creative, as well as aspiring spiritual coach. I started the Love Dream Live Podcast with a vision that I would help people love more, dream more, and live more. Tune In To Love Dream Live on your favorite podcast player.

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Live Your Dreams and Shine

Let your fears and your dreams dance as one. Don’t allow either side to win, instead embrace both, and become neither. Both of them are your creations, and neither of them are who you really are. Learn to dance in this paradox, it will save you much heartache and disappointment. Don’t be afraid to be the one who loves the most. The secret of the one who loves the most is that they are also the happiest. Give and forgive, without any fear that you may ever lose, because it is not possible. Loss is an illusion of the mind,…

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