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Aiden is in the 7th grade at Red Oak Academy. His favorite subjects are Math and Science. Some of his hobbies are playing video games, cooking with his mom and ballroom dancing. Spending time with his pet dog, Riley, makes him very happy. He has two brothers and two sisters whom he is very close with. Aiden's favorite dance is the cha cha which he dances with his younger sister.

As the inspiration for his mom's book Aiden's Waltz, Aiden joins his mom at her book events to show parents and their children how ballroom dance helped him. An interesting fact about Aiden is that he posed for all of the illustrations in Aiden's Waltz.

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Today’s Brilliance from Aiden Marin

As a boy who was bullied by my friends and my teacher, I remember feeling alone when I could not play basketball with the other kids and when I would eat lunch alone. It was embarrassing when my teacher would yell at me in front of the class because I would forget things or need extra help. Just because I misspell words it does not mean that kids should tease me. Having special needs does not make me different from the other kids. I learn in a different way so that makes me special. I used to feel hurt by…

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