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For the past 12 years I have been a meditator and spiritual author, with one published book ("Spontaneous Beauty") and a blog by the same name to my credit. I am a licensed attorney and have practiced as a tax consultant to major corporations during a forty-year career. I was born in Glendale, California, and have lived in Honolulu, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Dallas, and Denver before moving to Las Vegas where I now reside. I spent two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Yonibana, Sierra Leone. My goal as a spiritual writer is to bring peace and love into the hearts of all people, and thereby contribute to the shift now taking place in world consciousness away from hatred and greed, and toward love and compassion.

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Getting to The Source with Meditation and Mindfulness

The truth that I would like to share with fellow beings is that there is a source of wisdom, joy and peace that anyone can draw upon. That source has nothing to do with the desires of the physical body, or the self-centeredness of the egoic mind. Yet it is to be found within each of us, accessible by simple means and eager to sustain and nourish the part of us that aspires to a loving, compassionate connection with humankind. Source has many names in different spiritual traditions. Some call it spirit, love or the higher self. Its name is…

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