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I am a retired Catholic School teacher for the Diocese of Bridgeport in Connecticut. I taught mathematics at the secondary level and coached varsity girls volleyball, as well as other high school sports. During my tenure as head coach our volleyball teams won four class-S state championships. I was named Coach of the Year in that sport in 1988, and inducted into the Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame in 2007, as a scholastic coach.

I have written two books, one published in 2005, titled The Little Red Chair, an autobiography of my life experience with polio, and A View From The Quiet Corner, a book of original poems and reflections, published in 2009.

I am presently a co-author for the bestselling book series by David Mezzapelle, Contagious Optimism, which contains the real life stories from everyday folks who have, through the use of forward positive thinking, overcome trials in their lives.

Are You Bound to Be Happy?

What is it that we seek in life? It is to be happy. We express our happiness when we experience something that is pleasurable or satisfying. Yet, maintaining the happiness we find is like trying to hold onto a fish freshly pulled from the water. As hard as we try, it keeps slipping from our grasp. And since it requires some event or experience (which are temporary to our existence) to bring it about, we can understand why it is so fleeting. Living in itself is a happy prospect; without which there can be no further opportunities for future happiness…

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Adapting To Trials

During the course of our lives, each of us will undergo some major trial, the nature of which is immaterial, for each ordeal carries a weight that can only be measured by the one who bears it. My trial began in the summer of 1954, when I was stricken with polio. I don't remember much of the day on which polio entered my life, other than that that was the last time I was able to walk under my own power. I was hospitalized until the initial thrust of the attack, which paralyzed me from the neck down, subsided. After which,…

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