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Amber Hayes is 14 years old and is making a difference with her writing skills. Her stage name is Double A. When asked why she chose that name she said, "When I perform I want others to be energized just like a battery."

This Montgomery, Alabama native says she is best at being herself. Her dreams will only come true when she has accomplished all that she set out to do. Amber enjoys music, and writing poetry, jingles and daily quotes.

Amber has three brothers and two sisters and has lived to see all four of her Grandparents be able to retire. Amber's Mother is a Professor and her Father is a Writer and Speaker.

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Today’s Brilliance from Amber Hayes

If there are words I would like to pass on to humanity, it would be to stay true to yourself. It is important to always be yourself. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. God created you in his image, and it is your job to fulfill that image. Always stay true to who you are. What other people are doing may seem cool at first, but may not be in the long run. Never get discouraged, because you have a purpose. Everyone on this earth should be themselves in order for us to have a unique and creative place…

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