Andrew Schrage graduated from Brown University with a degree in economics and a strong interest in personal finance. After cutting his teeth in the investment world, he and a business partner began working on Money Crashers, a consumer finance website, starting in 2009. The site works to help people better manage their money and make difficult decisions when it comes to areas like retirement planning, choosing from the best bank account promotions, finding the best places to travel on a budget, and implementing some of the top strategies to raise a family on a small income. The site has a strong readership and social media following; it has built a great atmosphere where readers can come to learn about and discuss money.

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Andrew Schrage

7 Lessons To Live Fully

1. Life is far too short to hold grudges. I've seen too many people lose precious time that could have been used to become closer to family members, all because of a petty disagreement. You should either come to a resolution, or simply agree to disagree. No grudge is worth holding on to. 2. It is also important to remember that in life, there are two main questions you must ask yourself: Were you able to bring joy to others? And, were you able to find joy yourself? If you can positively answer those two questions, then you can deem…

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