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Teaching & studying dance in 231 cities across 35 countries, winning 2nd place in the World Lindy Hop Championships, 1st place in the US Open Swing Dance Championships, 1st place in the American Lindy Hop Championships, dancing in the NBC movie The Little Richard Story, performing on National Thai Television, training some of the world's top Lindy Hop & Blues instructors, and helping double the size of 3 different dance scenes in less than 3 months are just some of Andrew Sutton’s accomplishments over the last 15 years.

Andrew doesn't want you to need someone else to act a certain way in order for you to be successful or happy. He wants to help you find a way to be successful and happy given whatever circumstances you are in. Dance is his medium.

Dance is often taught so students need their partner to react in a specific way, otherwise, they can't have an amazing dance. Their partner needs to have a certain type of connection, a specific frame, or use counterbalance "correctly", etc. Andrew teaches you to have amazing and successful dances regardless of what connection, frame, counterbalance, musicality, etc, your partner has.

Learn the skills of the Dance Ninjas: Make Every Dance Amazing!

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5 Tips for Your Success

A belief is yours to choose… so choose with care. What someone says about you isn’t automatically a true reflection of who you are. While their words can tell you something about them, your opinion of their words are likely an important indicator of what you believe about yourself. If someone tells you that you are ugly or beautiful, this doesn’t mean you are objectively ugly or beautiful. Instead, it informs you about the speaker and their thoughts in this moment. On the other hand, you can choose to believe or not to believe what that person says, and this…

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