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From childhood Angela Gower-Johnson has been gifted with the ability to tap into people's energy and thoughts. As she grew older, she embraced and enhanced this gift by seeking wise counsel and ancient teachings. Her natural curiosity and desire to deal with her own life challenges has lead her on a magical journey of spiritual and personal development that has spanned three decades.

Now trained in over a dozen personal development methodologies, and having studied many of the world’s spiritual and religious practices, from Buddhism to Native American teachings, NLP and more, Angela can connect, empathize, coach and lead clients from every walk of life. Working with CEOs, artists and people just like you and me, Angela Gower-Johnson has an uncanny and unique ability to get huge results for her clients, even when they have “tried everything”.

Currently her coaching and consulting practice provides a one of a kind experience with truly breakthrough results for those fortunate enough to work with her. She caters to a select group of "Intensive" Business and Corporate Coaching clients, and also offers breakthrough and personal coaching on an availability basis.

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Go Make Pies

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory. What I have learned is that we are all infinite beings with infinite power, abilities and access to infinite amounts of love. Look at nature and see how abundant it is, with plants, trees, birds, flies, animals abound. The same amount of abundance is available to each and every one of us. We are all infinite beings, we are equal, not better than, not worse than, but we all still have a unique essence (flavor). As an individual, you matter. You add something to the mix called life that…

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