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Featured in the Wall Street Journal, profiled in Investor’s Beat as a successful woman in real estate, contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Positive, voted a Super Lawyers’ Rising Star, featured in Holistic MBA’s World Class Master Coach video summit as well as The Bigger Life Revolution telesummit, recognized as a Zeta Phi Beta Woman of Courage and called the queen of inspirational transformation, Angela Winfield is the blind woman with a vision.

Despite being declared legally blind at age ten, being severely depressed, withdrawn, and suicidal at age 14, and going totally blind by age 20, Angela graduated from two ivy league colleges, became a practicing attorney at one of the top 250 law firms in the country, a certified life and success coach, a community leader, wife, and successful entrepreneur — all before reaching age thirty.

Angela credits her success to the strength and power of the human spirit — something we all possess, but don’t always know how to tap into. She is deeply committed to helping people tap into that power so they can reach their highest potential and create lives they absolutely love living.

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Believe And You Shall See

There is more to life than what is seen by the human eye. Allow yourself to feel and sense the deep richness underlying all that can be seen. Because there indeed is more. Be and live openly- with an open heart, open mind and open eyes. Listen to all that is being said in and between the words, actions and silence. Take it all in and experience the experience. Don’t judge; learn the lesson and love instead. Learn to forgive; it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Accept support because we are all connected and refusing support…

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