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Angie Harris is a mother to two brilliant boys and aunt to eight beautiful nieces and nephews. As a teenager Angie suffered the sudden loss of her beloved mother, Rosemarie. It was then she was introduced to contemplative practices such as yoga and meditation. She quickly realized the more she practiced, the more comfort she felt, even while grieving such a tragic loss.
A decade later, Angie's sister Stephy was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Stephy fought bravely, but lost her battle in 2014. It was during this time that Angie's meditation practice turned outward, toward teaching. She wanted to share meditation with her young nieces and nephews, who are grieving the loss of their mother, as she was once taught to do. To learn how to deliver lessons to children, Angie attended the Mindful Schools meditation teacher training in 2012. Since completing the program she has been welcomed into public and private schools to teach mindfulness meditation to both students and teachers. Teaching mindfulness has led to her first professional writing project. Her children's meditation teachings have come to life in Angie's first book, Mad to Glad, A Mindfulness Lesson on Emotion, available for sale wherever books are sold. She is honored to share meditation with adults and children in schools, corporations, and community centers.
Angie is currently attending the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teaching program through UMASS Medical School in Shrewsbury Massachusetts.

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Getting Off the Train of Thought

“All aboard! The train of thought is leaving the station! All aboard!” “Where is the train of thought going?” asks a would be passenger standing on the platform. “I don't know,” the conductor responds. “When will the train return to this station?” another curious person asks, but jumps on the train before hearing the answer. The conductor shrugs his shoulders and states, “Too hard to tell.” “Does the train of thought make any stops? What if I want to get off?” another possible passenger nervously inquires, but joins her fellow traveler in boarding without waiting for the information. The conductor…

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