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Anne Gurchick is the author of the new book Saved: Cancer, Katrina Dogs and Me. Anne has been involved in animal welfare and rescue work for over ten years, having started in Austin, Texas. In 2004 Anne decided to follow her dream and move to the mountains with the hope of working with animals. She relocated to Aspen, Colorado, and became involved with Friends of the Aspen Animal Shelter (FAAS). Anne has served on the board of FAAS for over eight years and was appointed executive director of the non-profit in 2009. Less than six months after arriving in Aspen, Anne was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer and successfully battled the disease.

FAAS operates a spay/neuter/rescue campaign. Since October 2007 the campaign has resulted in the neutering of over 7,000 pets in Colorado and beyond. In partnership with Seth Sachson, director of the Aspen Animal Shelter, FAAS has rescued over 1,200 dogs and cats from shelters where they otherwise would be killed due to overcrowding.

Anne currently lives in Aspen, Colorado, with her four rescued dogs, Bella, Stryder (a Katrina rescue dog), Max and Haddie. She encourages you to make a difference by adopting a shelter pet.

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3 Easy Practices for a Balanced Life

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