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Avikal is a mystic. Curiosity, passion and love for the truth guide his teaching and are transmitted in a clear and focused way. He is the founder and director of the Integral Being Institute active in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Avikal worked as an anthropologist and a free-lance photographer.

His love for Martial Arts, which he began in 1970, took him to teaching Aikido and Sword in 1987, while his love for the body produced diplomas and professional activity in Shiatsu, Yu-Ki and Seitai (healing techniques). From 1989 to 1994 he is the director of the Osho School for Centering and Zen Martial Arts in Pune, India. Being involved with Zen and Advaita for more than 25 years, he now leads retreats such as Satori and The Awareness Intensive.

Since 1997, he has developed an innovative and original approach to the work with the Inner Judge and he is a well known teacher of Essence and Ennegram. He is also a Life-coach, Management Trainer and Executives Mentor working with presence, leadership, resilience and conflict resolution in Italy and Australia.

He is the author of When the Ocean Dissolves into the Drop. Osho, Love, Truth and me (2016), Freedom to Be Yourself: Mastering the Inner Judge (2012), Without a Mask. Discovering your Authentic Self (2010) and the collection of poems Lust, Love and Prayer (2018).

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Avikal Costantino

3 Steps to Becoming Present

Take your time; there is no other time. Even when everything seems to accelerate beyond control - especially then - take your time. Time does not exist as an objective thing; it depends completely on your perception and your connection with yourself. If you are present, in touch with how you experience reality and open to what you are experiencing, then you are the master of time, not its slave. How do we do that? The method is simple: it has a few basic steps that require no particular skills, talents or techniques. It is called "practicing presence". I imagine…

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