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Becca Robison, 17, is a sophomore at Weber State University majoring in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Part of their unique Early College program, she will receive her Associates degree when she graduates high school. She plans to transfer to a science and engineering school after graduation. Particularly interested in astronomy, she was surprised to find that many girls still consider aerospace a “boys job.”

This motivated her to create AstroTots, a free science camp for girls ages 4 – 10 whose main target is girls in “at risk” areas to encourage an early love of the sciences. It is her belief that science education can be the path out of poverty. These camps, run completely by grants and donation money have spread across the country and even internationally.

Her passion for science was deepened this past year when she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive bone tumor. She credits science for saving her leg and quite possibly her life. Not letting this setback stop her, she began doing her camps from her wheelchair only eight weeks after her surgery! As determined about her recovery as she is about her camps, she is now walking without assistance! 

  • Media & speaking opportunities:
  • The New York Times, PEOPLE, TeenPEOPLE, Inspire Magazine, Do Something Magazine, and others.
  • Miley Cyrus’s 16th Birthday Bash in Disneyland. Selected YSA Service Star spokesperson for media interviews as well as a personal interview that was shown on the Jumbotrons during the concert.
  • Convocation Speaker at the Founders Convocation for Russell Sage College for Women. September 2008.
  • National Science Education Symposium “Science Generation” - held in April 2008 at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. (Other speakers included Speaker Newt Gingrich and Discover Channel star Neil Degrasse.)
  • Speaker for Advanta Corp Bring Your Kids to Work Day April 2008
For more information, please visit astrotots.org

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