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Becki Hawkins is the author of Transitions: A Nurse's Education about Life and Death. She is also a motivational speaker and weekly columnist in seven local newspapers in her area.

Becki granduated from nursing school in 1980 and went to work on an oncology unit. She also did work on an outpatient oncology unit, Hospice, Home Health, and became a Hospice Chaplain as well. She began writing a weekly column, Beyond Statistics, in 1986 to help her process her emotions and share what she was learning from her patients. She continues to pen that article to this day.

She is retired now and is currently writing her second book with more stories of her patients and her education with them.

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What The Dying Teach Me

One of my favorite adults to spend time with as a child was my grandfather. I followed him downhill to the barn, across the pasture, into the garden, inside the chicken house. He talked and I listened. One of the life lessons I learned from him is that even if you live to be 110, it's brief. This is becoming truer to me as I have recently reached my 60's and remember him. What kind of footprints do I want to leave here on this Earth? Those who are critically ill or terminally ill teach us so much about life…

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