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Beeaje Quick is a human being born in 1964. He has a penchant for connecting with different cultures and is a devotee of life. Beeaje uses his experiences to impart lessons that, at times, inspire others in the pursuit of their life path through his books, art and films.

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Beeaje Quick

Feelings – The Divine Influence Within Us

There is a bountiful spectrum of inspiration to draw from in life. One way to channel inspiration is from the divine influence within us, commonly delivered in the form of a feeling. Each one of us gravitates to colors and smells we like-- or do we? It's no secret that we are heavily influenced by marketing, economics, and cultural upbringing, so it might be fair to contest that our natural inspiration can become manipulated, arresting our core development. When I was a teenager, I wanted to become a cartoonist, but a teacher said that cartoonists usually possess an aptitude for…

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